how to install car stereo

How To Install Car Stereo

Step 4: Wiring the Harness, next step is to wire up the stereo harness adapter to the harness that was supplied with your new stereo. Step 6: Re-Assemble Your Dash, now that your stereo has power, play music and test all of the speakers. If you plan on installing subwoofers, now would be a good time to plug in the RCA wires for the amp input into the back of the head unit. Turn the key in the ignition to the ACC position and confirm that the stereo comes on and sound comes from all four speakers. Now that your harness is all wired up, go ahead and clean up the wires by securing them with zip ties so you arent left with a huge mess of wires behind your stereo.

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This site and all pages and documents contained within this site are Copyright of The Install Doctor and are protected under Unites States Copyright Laws. Ask experts to solve your problem! Step by step installation instructions complete with photos, tool list, and wiring detail.

How To Install an Aftermarket Car Radio with Bluetooth

Instant access learn to your information. If you plan to do a lot of your own work in the future, surgery you can purchase a manual online or from an auto parts store. We have many "E-Books" with advice and ideas on your automotive electronics project. For more help on the installation of your car stereo, security system, amplifier and more, check out: How-to-guides Encyclopedia. Car Stereos are the heart of any car audio system and provide drivers with a simple, easy to use interface to help them control ring all of the various components of the vehicles sound system.

Radio wire color codes, you will remove all of the screws.

How to Install a Car Stereo (with Pictures) - wikiHow

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How Difficult Is It to Replace a Car Stereo?

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Also, you will want to buy a wiring harness that is specific to your car to avoid future wiring problems that could potentially occur. Use of this site is subject to the terms of The Install Doctors Online. With Vehicle Product Finder we can locate just about any factory installed device in your car. This manual will explain how to remove your dashboard as well as help you with many other tasks.

Detailed wiring diagrams for factory amplified audio systems, such as Bose, Premium Sound, Monsoon and more. Use appropriate size wire strippers and crimp caps for your specific wires. Once this is complete, you will need to slide the stereo into the dash. For those looking to customize their cars sound system, there is an incredible variety of car stereo products and accessories to help you construct the perfect sound system. After rectifying the problem with connection, it should operate properly.

NEW, vehicle product finder, installing that big new shiny amplifier into your car? . Next, connect the negative wires correspondingly. This site has been optimized to be viewed at dating 1024x768.

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These can run you anywhere from 50 to 400, depending on brand, model and features. This ring snaps right on, after youve got the radio into the DIN cage.

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Some people simply twist their wires together and then wrap the connection with electrical tape, I would advise against this method as over time the tape will loosen up and fall off resulting in shorted connections.

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I have been installing and researching car audio parts and systems since I was only 15 years old. Getting the how to install car stereo radio in, finally, youre ready to put the new radio in the dashboard! There may be screws or bolts to hold it in place.

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If you are unsure, youd be better how to install car stereo off buying from a local retailer.

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Next, twist the ends of each pair of matching color wires together and cover them individually with tape. When connecting your harness wires, I recommend soldering and heat shrinking for the best connection possible. The head units produced by those how do i connect digital cable box to dvd/vcr to hdtv brands have never disappointed me and produce the best sound quality.

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Your installation instructions may indicate that your car stereo will fit in what is called ISO Mounting. There is also metal clips connecting it to the dash so you are going to have to pull it off the dash, be careful not to damage any parts of your dash.

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There is going to be a wiring harness and radio antenna plugged how to install car stereo into the back of the stereo, press down the clips on the harness and remove it from the stereo as well as the antenna. If youre not sure, ask your retailer! Once this is done, grab the face of the stereo and gently pull it out.

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Set the stereo harness adapter and antenna adapter aside as it will be saved for the next step. Like the fit kit, youll find the wiring adapter in a plastic bag or blister pack, and a given adapter will be compatible with a range of vehicle years and models. You may find them for less online, but dont forget to factor in the shipping cost!

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When you finally get your new stereo removed, it is time how to install car stereo to purchase a Dash Kit.


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