how do i change a speedometer cabel

How Do I Change A Speedometer Cabel

You do not need to remove the steering wheel as there is plenty of room between the dash and wheel to remove the instrument cluster. You must fully remove the bolt to get the cable out. Next disconnect the clip that holds the cable to the transmission. Begin by disconnecting the speedometer cable from the transmission.

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Clean the dirt and debris from the area. It just pulls straight out. The clip is shown in the photo below.

Just replaced my speedometer cable confirmation today.

The bolt holds a flat piece of metal that fits into a slot in the sub-assembly.

Dont forget to check for leaks after a test drive.

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With the speedometer cable disconnected, you can remove the gauge far enough forward to disconnect the rest of the accessories connected. As mentioned, you can always make your own.

Its a garden hose type of screw on connector. Large Image ExtraLarge Image Figure 11 The insert lower left shows what the MercedesBenz pulling tools look like that Pelican Parts sell for under.

1968 Ford Mustang Speedometer Cable Replacement - Mustang 360

Mustang Concours Speedometer Cable (1965-1966) Installation

Now, while this will work, it is a substantially thicker wire to force through the dash opening than the Mercedes-Benz tool: there is also the possibility of scratching the cluster or the interior if you are not careful. It ended up being pretty easy, but as always whenever youre doing something for the first time, it takes longer. Mine however came out easily. Also the clip will not fit through the hole in the bulkhead so you should remove it now.

Small vise grips helped to turn. Large Image, extra-Large Image, figure sweatshirt 5, gently pry up the four plastic clips (red arrows) holding the vent and face plate to the dash, and then slide it forward. Ove the front of the cable into the hole.

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You will need to fully remove the how to clean hipoint 9mm carbine bolt, nut just loosen. The end of the cable can now be removed from the transmission housing.

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Large Image Extra-Large Image Figure 10 Turn the tool so the hooked end rotates in towards the cluster.

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The first method also does not involve special tools. If you need to pull out the speedo sub-assembly from the tranny, use a 12mm socket on the bolt next to the speedo cable.

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Use the 7/16-inch wrench to remove the bolt and clip from the transmission housing. This documentation in no way replaces the Toyota MR2 Repair Manuals.

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There is an o-ring on it how to cook a roast of beef and it has been setting in there for 20 years, so yep it may be tough to pull out. Large Image Extra-Large Image. The rest is just resetting the grommets and hooking everything back.

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Mustang speedometer cable gear retaining clip that connects the cable to the body, as it may be destroyed when you remove. Use the pliers and the screwdriver to remove the retainer that holds the cable to the body near the point where the brake line and the fuel line are fastened. The vent and face plate will come off together.

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Remove this clip from the cable to reuse later. Large Image, extra-Large Image, figure how do i change a speedometer cabel 4, method One: Remove the air diverter from the vent by wrapping a cloth around some pliers and pulling the diverter straight out.

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If you have a bad speedometer how to naturally stop toothache cable and need to replace it, the gauge cluster needs to come of the dash. Figure 1, from underneath the car, take a 10mm socket and unscrew the bolt holding the speedometer cable in the transmission.

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With the cluster pulled forward and sitting on the top of the steering how do i change a speedometer cabel wheel shaft you can reach in and disconnect the speedometer cable and all the accessories attached to the unit. Use the 3/4-inch wrench to loosen the speedometer cable on the back side of the.

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It pulls straight off. Just unscrew it counter-clockwise.


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