how to cut flagstone

How To Cut Flagstone

Heavy steel pipe, tape measure (optional) 1/4-inch thick plywood (optional circular saw with masonry blade (optional). Flagstone is also a good choice for walkways because of its nonslip textured surface. From a practical standpoint the stone path gives everybody a clean, solid surface to walk on in the event the grass is wet and/or soft. Realize, however, that there are times when your walks finished height may have to follow a particular grade contour that is critical for drainage. . Do I just lay the stone over a 4x4 along the proposed cut line and whang the excess part with a mallet?

The following installation will show the fundamentals. . Don't try to push the saw through the stone as you would cut a piece of wood, but rather set it in place, hold it steady, and let the power and weight of the saw do the work. Reply With", 08:14 AM #24, re: Diamond saw blade? Trace the outline of the stone on the ground with a pointed tool of some sort a trowel works fine. . Don't strike the chisel with a hard blow; the point is to chip at the surface gradually until the stone beneath the line becomes weak enough to break. The trowel lets you move and adjust the gravel base while the rubber mallet lets you tap the surface of the stones to set them firmly. . Base preparation and flagstone setting, with the flagstones now sitting on bare ground, you are ready to prepare the base on which youll set the stones. Sometimes, no matter how much stone you have to pick from, you simply cant find a good match. .

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Learn Flagstone Cutting with these Free Videos!

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Again, which tactic you use liquid to remove build the grass depends on the circumstances.


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From a practical standpoint the stone clean path gives everybody a clean, solid surface to walk on in the event the grass is wet and/or soft. The cut is actually made with a diamond blade. . The grass happened to be recently planted sod and was not yet deeply rooted.

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Nelly Cecena

I've read a few things online, but I'd be interested in hearing directly from someone who has done this.

Adolfo Bartmess

It is important though that the flagstones are installed evenly to avoid trip/fall accidents from uneven stones. In this excavated space install 3 4 of crushed gravel. .

Teresia Przybylski

Flagstone, composed of feldspar, quartz and silica, is available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

Reyna Thayer

The different shapes can work in your favor or not, depending on the amount of time you are willing to invest finding stones that actually fit together. By Hand, put on safety goggles how to cut flagstone and gloves.

America Venzon

Reply With", 08:14 AM #24, re: Diamond saw blade?

Debora Vautour

Neat stuff - ATI Preseeder, Hydraulic PHD, Wallenstein BX62r Chipper, Millonzi Grapple, CA 4n1 Bucket.

Jefferey Wilczynski

I'll need to break or trim some of them, and I don't have a rock saw or know how to use one.

Bobby Speidel

The process of installing a path like this will vary slightly depending on circumstances such as the condition of the existing lawn. . Reply With", 12:29 AM #23, re: Diamond saw blade? The line is the cut line.


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