how to read a water meter

How To Read A Water Meter

Water Meter Types, there are two basic types of water meters - the straight-reading meter which resembles an odometer in a car, and the round-reading meter which has several separate dials. 12 Water charges reflect the number of units used per month. If you want to test for accuracy, here's a simple test you can. Again, we'd drop the last two numbers, and your official reading would be 829.

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meter reading every six months but sometimes it is not possible because the meter has been fitted inside a customers property or behind locked gates. Replace the lid, once you have read your meter, replace the foam or plastic disc and carefully close the lid so it is not a trip hazard. Only digits showing in black text over a white background are recorded by Watercare for billing purposes. How to Read Your Water Meter. A lot of people ask me how to read their water meters, so I'll talk you through. Figure 3, the meter in Figure 3, also cubic feet, is good example of a situation where the final number has already "turned over".

The second reason is to check for leaks. If you copy want to track your water usage, simply write down the numbers on the water meter dial, so you can take a monthly record. If you want to test for accuracy, here's a simple test you can.

Your meter has one row of numbers - for most meters this is eight.

Understanding how to read your property's water meter is a great way of keeping an eye on your water useage.

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Step 1: Locate Your Meter, your water meter is generally located near from the curb in front of your home although in some areas (usually cold climates) it may be inside your home usually in the basement. However, if you have any concerns, please call.

Some older meters may have a 4th red digit representing 1/10th of a litre.

Please ignore the red boxes, these are fractions of cubic metres and are not charged until they become full cubic metres. The small blue triangle (just to the right of the "35 is the low flow indicator. In this video, Tim, one of SA Water's Technical Service Officers, will help you understand your meter and test it for accuracy. Reading your meter is easy, once you know what the numbers on it mean.

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How to Read Your Water Meter - Eastern Municipal Water

Reading Your Water Meter to check for water

The serial number of your meter is shown at the bottom of your bill and on the top of the meter. The meter in Figure 4 is a 5/8" meter as is shown on the dial. The "straight-reading" meter is by far the most common. If you receive an estimated bill but would like it based on an actual reading, we are happy for you to provide a reading and we will then re-issue the bill. On most meters, the final digit will turn over once the big sweep hand has passed the.6 mark.

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If you want to track your water usage, simply write down the how to paint a counter top numbers on the water meter dial, so you can take a monthly record. The digits showing in red are never recorded by the meter reading contractor. WikiHow Contributor Turn on your water and go to your water meter.

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Turning it around should correct it, however, it should be done by the water provider. If you turn off all the taps in your house, look at your meter and it is still turning, chances are you have a leak somewhere. 4, an analog water meter may be covered with a protective cap.

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That way, you'll have something to compare the previous month's report.

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The number you get will tell you how many gallons you've used in that time. Chargement, how to read you water how to read a water meter meter to check for leaks.

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Each unit is typically around 100 cubic feet, or somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 or 800 gallons.


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