how to sell antique farm equipment

How To Sell Antique Farm Equipment

One of the most iconic photos of WWI: a carrying party of the Royal Irish Rifles in a communications trench on the first day on the Somme, July 1916. More: Agricultural Equipment For, Certified Equipment Buyers, Equipment Buyers, farm Equipment, other, logging Forestry, dogs. Reply With", 12:22 AM #7, re: Rusty Old Farm it worth anything? Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment. Reply With", 08:04 PM #6, re: Rusty Old Farm it worth anything?

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corn from the cob that was used for starting next years crop. . These devices were used to stir or fluff mown hay as it was drying in the field and before it was baled. . The device on the left is a salesman sample or model of a Hay Fork from the late 1800's.

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The simple fact is that these models get separated from their information, as in the case of the device pictured here playing on the right. . A similar model quick adjust alligator wrench is named the Shark. Most date from just before to just after the turn of the century. We want to help you sell your antique and collectible wrenches, but again, we cannot help unless you provide me a decent picture, or at a minimum a full description. Some of this style sheller had what are known as knubers to knock of select kernels for feed, but they were basically a feed it in and go sort of corn sheller.

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Rusty Old Farm it worth anything?

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Up and business down back and forth, and old wrenches like this can come in sizes from 4" long to 20". Today I think they cut, blow dry, and bale it all in one curbs operation and with one machine in one operation. . It was a process where you saved the best corn kernels from an ear of corn as opposed to larger shellers used for feed corn where you just feed the whole ear into the opening and the machine would strip all the kernels for feed. . The planter is all original and in good working condition.

The example on the left is called the Prince, an unusual patented brace / wrench which was patented right near the turn of the century. . Chuck later founded an electronic hardware company and has been granted six different patents. A model like this would typically sell for several hundred in most venues. It has a series of wire prong articulated arms that move up and down and in and out at the same time. . We buy and sell small bicycle wrenches that date from near the turn of the century when the bicycle was first being introduced and promoted in America. In this capacity Chuck helped develop missiles used in the Apollo Space Flight Program. Past Sales Results for other types of Antique farm related tools are linked on the right.

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What s it worth?

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A typical and pretty common patented and manufactured version made of cast iron wood is shown on the left. We like collectible antique wrenches with features like the swivel head feature pictured here. . Door-to-door sales was the norm as most means of mass advertising did not yet exist or were unavailable to the rural populations. Examples abound of these unusual devices with the  most frequently found being those that have both hammers and wrenches, or drill / braces and wrenches, or those that are both a boot jack and a wrench, or some that incorporate a wrench and a knife. Models such as this were made to show the rural farmer the latest in technology and were carried around by traveling salesmen or used as storefront window displays in an attempt to persuade the farmer that he needed an implement just like. . If we decide to sell it, where should we advertise or should we put it in an auction? And visit the numerous sale pages you will find there.

Such salesman samples and models are desirable and interesting pieces that I would love to help you sell or buy outright if you have one or know where some are. Retail value 1,500-1,750 (These can be a deck difficult item to get a retail price on, because the collector niche is somewhat specific). There are a few of these large early shellers that are very rare and sell for a lot of money. .

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