how to draw a motorcycle

How To Draw A Motorcycle

Add some detailing to the front part of the bike and then move to step four. Let the ink dry and erase the pencil. Pay attention to all the details. We make a lot of straight lines on its body. If necessary, make your image bigger by going.

Laying Down Some Different Shapes, were ready to start laying down some shapes for your smoke motorcycle concept design! Add the seat and install storage trunk with a rectangle coming off the back of the motorcycle.

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Eventually, you should end up with a series of rough sketches from which you can choose a favorite design. Sharpies, and some paper. Youll also want something to color your motorcycle with after youre done drawing. . Once youve drawn your line, youll have a good foundation upon which to develop your thumbnail sketch. Comments: 0, tags: motorcycles, a motorcycle.

Adding Volume to Your Wheels, the wheels are a little vertically elongated and the front wheel is a little bigger. Make a duplicate layer of the circle.

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How to Draw a Motorcycle Easy Step by Step How To Draw A Motorcycle

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Line Tool which youll find in the main. 6, draw another set of rectangles for the wheel connector. 10 Add details to your bike. We make a lot of straight lines on its body. Theyre also just as fun to learn to draw.

Not all designs are drawn the same way.

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We see some letters on the surface so we draw them too. Allow the ink to dry, and carefully erase the pencil lines. Pencil, black ink pen, kneaded eraser, draw two circles about 5 inches apart.

Edit Stroke and then selecting a stroke width of 2px. Shift while drawing to give you a straight line or go to the. To do this, select the, rectangular Marquee Tool from your, toolbar and draw this around your chosen image. And the next days i have lots of time so the next video is just comming online on Sunday. In the next lesson, youll be taking your chosen thumbnail and adding more detail to bring your motorcycle to life.

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Jeffrey Holland

Step 1, draw circles. By the time youve finished, youll be able to create a rough render in around 45 minutes!

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Ctrl C followed by, ctrl V to paste your selection into this new layer, or create a new document and paste your selection into.

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Return to the, motorcycle Concept Sketching Lessons Page.

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Wow, there is a lot if requests coming through and the more folks that join Dragoart, the more new, fresh ideas come how to draw a motorcycle my way.


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