how to make a basketball court

How To Make A Basketball Court

Then I couldnt wait to usher my kids outside to try it out when they got home from school that day. . Although the regulation free throw lane is 12 feet wide, our court is just 8 feet wide. To complete my project, I worked on it a little at a time for weeks. . You'll have to see it to believe just what he made for her.

was a place for my boys to play basketball. . I had to kinda drop it in, which messed up the sand layer on my first few attempts. . Due to the space constraints in our yard, I loosely based our basketball area on a free throw lane.

Yep, I read a bunch of tutorials before I got started.). My husband was busy at work and didnt have time to take on a DIY project.

It was hard work, and it took me a long time to get it done. . When we moved to our house, it had a lot going for. . After he agreed, I started clearing the sod from the area. . Somehow I made acne it happen! Getting everything level was a lot harder for me than it sounded before I started on this little endeavor.

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He started as the family was building their house. I thought the cold weather might make the stones heave up out of place over the winter. Completely customizable acne-inc - add your own game reverse lines, designs and logos. The brick lines in the pavers dont seem to affect the bounce of the basketball at all.

Its 16 feet long and 8 feet wide. This post contains affiliate links, which help support this site. .

Basketball Goals, net Systems. Well, this girl was definitely lucky.

The answer is Yes!

The kids were happy to have it, but its hard to dribble on grass!

The Handmade Home, Better Homes and Gardens, and, lowes. .

Request" / Design Assistance, find a VersaCourt Certified Dealer.

Using 16 square paver stones, I needed 72 pavers for our court (6 rows of 12). Our basketball court definitely would be better if it was large enough to give my kids room to practice 3-point shots, but I keep reminding them (and myself) that its better than nothing! As the mom of two boys, I spend a lot of time on sports-related things. . We debated a solution for a while. .

With five injection points and sturdy construction, our indoor court tile flooring will remain flat and eliminate potential issues with "cupping" at the corners. Half Courts, our half court kits provide the full basketball experience without all of the running.

Learn More, dIY Kits, we offer 14 different DIY basketball court kits available in any combination of 17 colors, but can also customize courts to your space. After going through laptop a few winters with freezing and thawing, the pavers are still looking good. . My reasoning was that the ncaa free throw line is 15 feet from the backboard, so making our court 16 feet long gave us a foot of space for standing to shoot free throws. For the wood stain, simply use the technique you're the most comfortable with to ensure you get an even distribution across the floor. Custom Basketball Courts, while we offer standard court kit sizes, the majority of our customers choose to customize their courts.

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Little did I know how much more arm strength I really needed! .

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My trip to Home Depot to buy the materials made me realize that I needed a new deal with my hubby: if he would buy all of the paver stones and sand for the underlayment and transport them to the backyard, I would do the. From Goalsetter basketball goals that will stand up to the harshest weather conditions, to lighting systems that will allow you to play well into the night, VersaCourt can turn your backyard basketball court into your own personal rec center. The project did not follow the fast pace of some of the done-in-a-weekend tutorials I had read.


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