how do i become a car mechanic

How Do I Become A Car Mechanic

Certification, although not required, will likely improve your chances of finding a career in a well-respected company. These classes are generally offered at technical schools, community colleges, or specialized training centers. Auto shop apprenticeships: Another way to prepare for an auto mechanic job is to get hired in an auto shop performing non-mechanical work. Coursework typically lasts a minimum of six months and up to four years depending on the depth of knowledge a student elects to acquire.

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Mechanics inspect, repair and maintain vehicles.

Below is a list of the places to receive mechanic training. These steps provide an overview of what it takes. Though there are some bachelors degree programs, these are quite pick rare; therefore, the focus of this section is on the most popular options. You need features like accounts receivable, technician tracking, automatic parts markup, inventory, etc. Takes at least two years to complete; students who are attending full-time might not be able to continue with full-time work during their years of study.

You need physical dexterity and problemsolving skills to recognize vehicle problems and repair them.

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You need Automotive Expert! Learn More, you use a labor guide every day whether its a book, computer program, or just whats in your head from past jobs. Farm Equipment Mechanic median salary: many 38,510 This save work requires in-depth knowledge views of various farm equipment and vehicles, including combines, harvesters, tractors, dairy equipment and irrigation machines. The BLS reports expected job growth of five percent for automobile service technicians and mechanics, which is slightly lower than the average for all occupations. Certifications and Abilities, another way to improve your value is to gain industry certifications that show expertise in specific areas. These programs offer increased knowledge and hands-on training.

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Mechanic and Related Job Salaries Where a mechanic works can influence how much he or she earns.

Mechanic certificate and degree program holders sometimes go on to pursue careers as diesel service technicians, small engine mechanics, and automotive body and glass repairers. Program Duration, six months to one year, usually two years of full-time study. Big Rig Mechanic median salary: 46,110 These mechanics work with diesel engines in some of the largest vehicles on the road, including tractor-trailers, buses and large work trucks.

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WikiHow Contributor, a diesel mechanic works on diesel engines in large how to build a workbench trucks and machinery. After getting your certification, you can continue on to become a car mechanic by visiting local dealerships, body shops, and specialty shops and asking about employment opportunities. Mechanics must have vast knowledge in adjusting, repairing, maintaining and testing all the mechanisms of a car.

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Steps 1, recognize the extent of knowledge and skill that an auto mechanic should retain. Community college programs: Some aspiring auto mechanics enroll in two- to four-year college programs in pursuit of an associate's degree.


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