how to paint metal filing cabinet

How To Paint Metal Filing Cabinet

If you are a blogger and want to know more about the monthly contest you can contact with any questions about future contests. Try to be as accurate as possible, but remember that you can touch up with a small paintbrush later! Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, philly Hot List Winner for Best Furniture 2011, 2012 2013,2014! Better to be safe and wait. Because of the popularity of this post, we decided to give it another run.

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1000 ideas about Painted File Cabinets on Pinterest Filing

2, remove any stickers or labels. Bandit Wood Veneer Edge Trimmer, bandit Veneer Edging 3 plain wheels with metal bases and 1 locking wheel (it has a On/Off lever shown in photo above ) 16 wood screws, latex paint satin finish. Wipe pergola the jelly off with a clean cloth to remove it from the cabinet. We scuff sanded everything with #220 grit sandpaper, wiped it down with mineral spirits and started rolling.

The cabinet and drawers will have to be handsanded around any hardware that is left in place. Craftsman, to find out how I made the wall calendar click over to this post DIY Wall Calendar I even glammed up the key by making a key chain with beads and buttons from my craft stash. Do not try to lay down one thick coat.

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Wood can be made over the same way as metal when painting or using contact paper.

This can take anywhere from a few hours to a day depending on the weather and humidity.

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When thinking back about how I was going to transform the cabinets, I thought about adding a metal horizontal bar pull to each drawer, but the fronts are thin metal and it would have bent when pulling the drawers open. You could also use wood screws. You may be tempted to go back and fill in the blanks with a heavier coat, but do not do that.


Enamel is a safe bet over nearly any paint. Attach wheels to the bottom board with wood screws. . Supplies, description, example, naval Jelly. 6 Add some extra decoration for a personal touch. 7 Spray the cabinet with a very light coat of primer.

Note: Use only spray enamel.

4 Wipe the entire cabinet down to prepare for priming.

Place the file cabinets on the base. #2   One of the questions I frequently receive is, Can you use DIY chalk paint on metal? Tack Cloth, traps dust and residue within cloth 3M, locking Pliers, grips and locks in place around nuts, bolts, and other objects. Using a soft lint-free cloth (I use an old t-shirt apply a thin coat of paste wax all over the surface. . White, black or gray are common choices.

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4 Apply a thin coat of the top coat color over the tacky base coat. Allow about five minutes between very light coats so the paint has a chance to set.

I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program as well as writing about my experience. When the paint has dried, usually after 24 hours, carefully replace the hardware. Loctite, sandpaper, removes microscopic surface layers and creates rough surface for paint adhesion 3M, mineral Spirits, dissolves oils and evaporates quickly, sunnyside. 10 Brush or roll on your paint.

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Dann Gammons

Ive recently discovered my love for how to remove concrete forms the combination of industrial and farmhouse decor. I typically spray furniture with a bleach and water mixture but the wipes were handy. Tough Coat to protect your painted furniture.

Alayna Menter

This would allow us to place it closer to the wall. My name is Jes and I am a wife, a mother, a Netflix lover, and I love how to paint metal filing cabinet chalk painted furniture! I wanted something bright and vibrant and Antibes is just that.

Reyna Thayer

This month I am working with The Fab Furniture Flippin Contest (TM) and Country Chic Paint on a contest themed Bling Bling.

Claud Guillaume

Please note, the wax is alcohol soluble so it is not recommended for bar top surfaces where alcohol may be spilled. I how to paint metal filing cabinet decided to dress it up with a can of paint and a few whimsical labels. By the time I was done the second cabinet, the first was dry and ready for the second coat.

Juan Hodapp

Remove the painter's tape and paint inside the labels. We have altered it a bit to reflect a few updates from Annie Sloan in 2016. This painted metal filing cabinet will go nicely with my industrial farmhouse office.

Stepanie Stell

The bottom has a similar skirt as the top except it is made with 14s.

Jefferey Wilczynski

Not even used for storing things.


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