how to become a professional event planner

How To Become A Professional Event Planner

It didnt hurt that Id grown up in the headmasters house at a private schoolmy family had about 20 events a year held at our house for fundraising or welcoming new parents, so I got used to networking, helping caterers, and setting up events. While a degree isn't strictly required, most employers look for event planners with postsecondary education in a field such as marketing or hospitality. While there are ways to become successful doing both categories of events we recommend you master one category before tackling the other. It has a 5 Star Rating and answers many of the most commonly asked questions: What are the first steps to becoming an event planner?

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Project management software, as well as spreadsheet and database software, may be helpful in keeping you organized and on track with planning duties.

Based on our international experience, weve put together a well organised and thorough package of study that takes you through all the necessary areas you need expertise.

Internships help you gain hands-on experience in the field and acquire a greater understanding of the event planning process.

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Event planners may come from a variety of educational backgrounds such as hospitality management, marketing, or public relations. Celebrate the opportunities, event planning is now big business. Travel professionals who continuously meet stringent business criteria and now includes those that specialize in meeting and event planning. Some programs may require students to complete internships.

Let's go over what steps you'll need to take to become a certified event planner.

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Fulfilment and the freedom to run your own life.

Prior to taking the certification exam, you must prove eligibility; three years of experience and recent employment in the field are necessary, as well as earning continuing education credits. Step 2: Gain Planning Experience, many event planners start out planning smaller events, such as meetings and forums, for small organizations. Finding your niche and networking accordingly can help ensure professional prospects for the future. Members of these organizations may find advantages such as networking opportunities, job search resources and webinars. Become familiar with common computer floater programs.

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Monitor event activities to ensure the client and event attendees are satisfied. I hope she holds onto it for a long time because I would never hire her, recommend her or help her in any way after seeing that. Our team has how do i use a relish fork 25 years combined experience - weve organised a wide range of events in many cultures, have gained invaluable insight and are wise to the pitfalls.

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Do I need an event planning degree / certification?

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Education Many employers prefer applicants who have a bachelor's degree and some work experience in hotels or planning. You'll also have to successfully pass an examination covering such topics as logistics, meeting programs and financial management.

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Learn from experienced, successful event planners. Hiring Vendors and Managing the Registry. Good communication skills are important.

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