how to cut slate

How To Cut Slate

Smt, pS, Limy was typing faster than I was and he is absolutely correct about the heating business. How to Use a Wet Saw to Cut Slate Tile. This type of stone is easy to work with. This was a few years ago. Reply With", 02:35 PM #11 In about 1958, I picked up come slate and marble offcuts at a new church building.

You can top coat with various products afterwards if you like. Start off draw with maybe 150 grit to remove saw marks and chamfer top edges and finish with maybe 500. Not very difficult to cut with any type of diamond blade.

Subscribe to our Channel and Like our Video! Allow the blade to cool for one to two minutes before cutting another side of the notch or before cutting another slate to length. Ensure the blade is locked in position - a loose blade can work free of the saw and jam against the slate, causing the slate to break. Install a carbide-grit abrasive blade in a jigsaw. Cutting a Hole in Slate, mark all sides of the hole on the slate with the grease pencil. Photo Credits, jupiterimages/m/Getty Images, suggest a Correction.

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Drill one hole at each corner of the hole with the 3/8-inch drill bit while continuously spraying the tip of the drill bit with water.

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Slow speed is the ticket here, too fast and the edge will burnish. Just do a bulemic couple of grits in between, you'll have to experiment a little as they're all a little different. Cut along the line until you reach another drilled hole while constantly spraying water become on the jigsaw blade.

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Notching and Cutting Slate, mark the cut or both sides of a notch on the slate with a grease pencil or another waterproof marker. The sealer will clean leave a natural finish, there are products that will give you a matte or a glossy finish if you prefer. Do not allow the water to splash onto the jigsaw. Even with the correct blade, care is needed to ensure the blade does not overheat while making the cut.

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Other Methods of Slate Cutting, a masonry blade in a portable circular saw will cut the stone. Continue until the blade has cut cleanly all the way through the slate. Whatever tool you use - except for score and break - there will be a lot of dust to clean.

how to cut slate
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If you go with the skill saw tape the foot so you don't scratch the tile. Given the small number of cuts I'm doing and the fact that the layout puts the cut edge under trim anyway I'm tempted to try.

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Wet Cut, this is a very convenient method of cutting slate stones. Larry Reply With", 03:48 PM #12 As said it works find. Reply With", 11:00 AM #3, i've cut quite a bit of slate with a skill saw, have diamond jigsaw blades with which I've cut out ovals and such to make sink tops, and finished edges with a beltsander, and finished with hand sanding with both.


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