how to hand train your parakeet

How To Hand Train Your Parakeet

Each time he gets on your hand, if you are not already holding one, reward him with a small treat. Beginning Training Sessions, to start taming your pet budgie, the first and most important thing is that he/she trusts you. Parakeets are extremely intelligent and need to learn to trust you on their own time. Instructions for Finger-Perch Training your Parakeet.

Hold your utility hand so that your index finger is like a perch. Keep your back to the cage and your budgie in front of you so that he cant see the cage. She should step up onto your finger.

The first and most important thing is that heshe trusts you. Beginning Training Sessions, slowly draw your hand out of the cage while heapos.

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How to Hand Train a Parakeet Pet Care Tips

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Hold the treat in your hand in a non-threatening manner. If the cage door is big enough, you may also try cupping your other hand behind your budgie as you pull him out.

After the session is over, take him back to his cage and put him inside. If you want to watch TV with your budgie, take him to the living room and introduce him to the couch. Talk to your bird about anything you want to, just be sure to talk. Step TWO - perch training, in step two, you train your parakeet to step up onto a perch on command. Step four - finger training, in step four, still staying just in the cage, your parakeet learns that your finger is a safe perch to sit.

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Parakeets do NOT bite unless they are being threatened. Instructions for Perch Training your Parakeet. You have to be patient and work on this every day, to let your parakeet learn about you and learn to trust you. It will hear your voice and want to inspect the source of the sound. He will probably fly to the top of his cage, excited by the novelty of being outside.

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Whether the bird is inside or outside the cage remember to keep your hand near the base of how to hand train your parakeet the parakeets feet. In no time, your budgie will have the step-up down pat.

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