how to cut a mohawk

How To Cut A Mohawk

Although they seem faddish, mohawks are low maintenance haircuts that are popular with kids. The trimmer should be a sturdy slide-out design, and NOT a flip-out trimmer that is too flimsy or too awkward to use when you can't see what you are doing. Work your way down on your sides until you are down to a 1/8-inch guard. Step 9: Looking Good, change shirts, because yours is now covered in little itchy hairs.

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This will keep the hair from adhering to his clothes and will make cleanup easier.

Remove the shirt and brush the stray hair from the back of the boy's neck.

Take pieces of the hair in the strip between your fingers and cut the ends in a zigzag like in step five. If you don't have thinning scissors, use regular scissors to cut zigzag patterns in the ends of the hair you are thinning. For those who wish to adopt this style, it is important to learn how to cut hair into a Mohawk. This will make it much easier to shave the necessary sections without causing irritation. Tip, before you begin, scrutinize Mohawk styles and pick the most appropriate one for the young boy.

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Mohawk How To Guide

Music By: WiNstrumentals, loading. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Cut hair into a Mohawk is a relatively simple process.

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Catherin Friday

Use short strokes and keep the clippers pointed straight back or straight forward.

Cornelia Bauman

Just get rid of all the excess hair below the ears and on the forehead. It's not as easy with your non-dominant hand, so be careful. If you don't have a friend to shave the back of your head, hold a small hand mirror and turn your back to the big mirror.

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Here's how to cut the perfect mohawk. Now you are ready for a punk show, or a Gigantes game, OR the Apocalypse. Are you going with spikes?

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Don't worry about making a perfect cut; it's all coming off soon enough. Leave at least a 1 1/2-inch strip of hair down the middle.

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Brush the cut hair how to cut a mohawk away so that you can see what you are doing. Liste de vidos visionner, file d'attente _count total chargement, chargement. A mohawk, or mohican, hairstyle is a smart choice for summer.


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