how to install ingalls camber kit civic

How To Install Ingalls Camber Kit Civic

The two anchor bolts will come off of the control arm attached together with a metal band seen here. The struggle was with the camber arm here with the bolt closest to the middle of the car. Nothing major, just a few hard licks. One of the bolts can be seen here in red. Related Products Customers Also Bought Copyright Club RSX, Inc.

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I think diagrams color gave it a nice touch. I painted the from camber kit to prevent rust in the future. Does anyone know what it is or if it is required? Done with the passenger side! Is there any point making a bracket for the ingalls rear camber kit and having that arm connected but leaving the front one disconnected?

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Whiteline RSB, Cusco Tower Brace, Tein SS, Ingalls CK, Maven Shift Knob, Comptech Short Shifter, Euro R Grill, FN2 Type R Rims, Jtune ECU Reflash, Jtune Intake, Pending Evolution.

Note: Wrap electrical tape around the swivel socket to prevent it from flip flopping all around.

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The driver side is easy as pie! It is for the canned Auto leveler for the HID headlights. Camber is now at -1. 11:51 PM #1, hi guys just build recently recieved my rear ingalls camber kit.

Car still drives good. Thanks for watching, leave a comment if you need any help or have any questions! I was looking at dooing the install myself but noticed there is a sensor/ lever on one of the arms on the passenger side rear. Reply With" 12:24 AM #2, we disconnected the arm and cable-tied., stocky CL9 - 1:17.2, reply With" 12:27 AM #3.

Replace it with the new camber bolt. I started on the passenger side, which is a little difficult because of the exhaust pipe in the way. Use jack stands for safety. Various Sockets, front: Remove the wheel. This sensor/ lever can not connect to the ingalls arm.

Any help will be much appreciated. Reverse the above steps to reinstall the new unit. Will make life easier!

Part s 81260 - Front Camber Bolts 35880 - Rear Camber Plates, very solid kit, great quality and installation wasn't difficult. Got the camber kit on my euro now has just had a wheel alignment camber/ toe adjusted. GO GET your alignment!

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50 alignment pep boys and they got a 3 month warrant. In order to gain access, you must unbolt the 10mm bolt (highlighted in how do i write a construction contract red at the bottom of the picture) holding the throttle cable bracket in place. The bottom of the cotter pin is shown here in green.

Jefferey Wilczynski

3/16/2012 by Tone Capone Easy install Install was very easy. Just use a screw driver to pry them off. Note: Wrap electrical tape around the swivel socket to prevent it from flip flopping all around.

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Shown will be a 1994 Integra LS, with no shocks or springs installed, as I completed the camber kit installation at the same time as my coilover installation. I could not find a wrench that was thin enough anywhere.


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