how to break a motorcycle engine

How To Break A Motorcycle Engine

They cannot be wrong too all these years! So you see how crucial proper break-in of these components actually. And here is where the confusion/controversy all arises. Because, if Motoman is true, why manufacturers do not suggest his ways?

you will really see the difference in the long run: it will consume less oil when it gets older, the engine will have slightly more horsepower, and your engine will. There is a site, somewhere on the world wide web, with the advise to break in your engine by revving it into the red zone, and to let it cool down afterwards. So, two ways are being discussed over an over: 1- Motoman technique/Hard break in: It states a hard break in with full throttle and compression during first 100 miles and changing oil and oil filter after 100 miles, it is too late for full Motoman. Not too few rpm's, most manuals don't tell you that, apart from avoiding too high rpm's, you should also avoid too few. They cannot be wrong too all these years! Nicasil is a hard material, so it hardly gets polished.

Riding with too few rpm's means that the engine would work too hard, in the same way as it is hard work when you ride a bicyle in a very high gear.


To be build easy for your new engine, you should keep the rpm's a bit higher than you would ride normally. Variation, much variation means that you try to ride with a varying rpm all the time. The day that you're gone before they noticed will not be far away, but for now, please refrain. Factories will take samples from the engines and have them run to test them, but most engines reach the shop without make ever having run, without oil or fuel. 2- Sticking to the manual/Soft break in: As motorcycle manufacturers knows best about their bikes and do not want to get any trouble from break in process, what they state at the owner's manual should be true?

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Dan s Motorcycle Engine Break-In The Proper Procedure for Breaking-in Your Motorcycle

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Check the oil Check the oil Breaking in is, as we have seen, needed to reach the point where every metal part fits letter snugly onto the other parts. This letter roughing up of the surface is known as "cross-hatching". So you really have to ride at thos high rpm's from time to time, to get the cylinder smooth all the way. Still, i feel paranoid on this sometime.

Each tiny groove acts as the oil reservoir holding oil up to the top level of the groove where it then spreads over the peak surface. And how about Nicasil cylinders? It is not unusual for a motorcycle with nicasil cylinders to consume a bit of oil during the first.000 kilometers! Of course, after having passed such a "magical" number of kilometers, the idea is not to change the rpm's suddenly to the next maximum. But doesn't the engine run many miles in the factory?

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How to break in / Run in Your new motorcycle engine

Guys, as some of us received our bikes and have done the break in already - i am over 4300 km now so mine is done - and some are getting their new bikes and i would like to know your ideas on engine break. The method for race engines results in maximum tolerance for all parts. Just let the rpm's climb, veeeery slowly, from time to time, every time to a slightly higher top, and then back again.

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Caroyln Gust

Conventional Run-in (Refer your Owners Manual). The cylinder bore of a new engine how to install granite countertop is somewhat rough, and the piston rings are not properly mated to the cylinder bore.

Chantay Dimaio

Do you trust motoman or how to break a motorcycle engine a full fledged honda?

Shaunda Bucy

If this glazing does occur, the only way this problem can be corrected is for the engine to be torn down, the cylinder bores re-honed, and new piston rings installed, after which they must of course be broken in correctly, or it must be done. Next, once you have reached 200kms or so, drain the engine oil and replace the oil filter.


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