how to tie double hook fishing leader

How To Tie Double Hook Fishing Leader

When targeting big bluefish, wire leaders are often necessary to prevent bite-offs. This contraption is quite popular with anglers to our south when targeting big bluefish in the surf. This knot is also handy for joining mono to wire leader for kingfishing. Most freshwater fishermen swear by the Palomar knot its tough and preserves line strength as close to 100 as you can get.

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Tighten the knot and trim the tag end. Continue outward leg pressure on the loop. These directions are for creating a double line of house five feet or less. . Some knots may seem as challenging as applying for a home mortage but with a simple cheat sheet you can tie fishing knots like a master. The fishing knots below are each designed for a particular use and matching the knot to your needs and its application is just as important as trying it correctly.

With the thumb and forefinger of left hand, slide the coils of lighter line towards end of loop, stop 1/8" from end of loop. All knots should be practiced before you get on the water so they become automatic. Pull both ends equally, sliding the knot from the EZ Knot. We almost exclusively use Palomar knots when attaching any lure to fishing line, mono or fluorocarbon leaders, and even braid. Arbor Knot, the Arbor Knot provides the angler with a quick, easy connection for attaching line and is excellent for trying fishing line to the reel spool.

Palomar Knot, bimini Twist The strongest loop knot of all but also the most difficult to tie the Bimini Twist is used to create double line for pursuing strong saltwater fish with relatively light line. You are basically just tying two snell knots.

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HOW TO tiouble hook snell RIG

Hold the loop on the top of the hook shank, and make several wraps of tying thread over the line.

This fishing knot can be used in joining line to swivels, snaps, hooks and artificial lures.

One thing to note, if you aren't using the Palomar fishing knot below, you need to start.

Double hook fishing rig - double snell (easy)

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Make a single overhand knot in sporting the double line. Pass the line around the reel arbor. Use three or four half hitches draw to secure the thread and the line to the hook. The fishing knot we use when a Palomar knot won't work.


Using the nail as a guide, run the leader line back under the coils. Trim tag end leaving about 1/4 inch. With the half-hitch holding the knot, you can release leg pressure, but keep the loop stretched out. The challenges fishing knots, of keeping line connected to a hook and joining two lines, are as old as fishing itself.

Using pliers, take12 tight wraps back around the heavier strands and the standing portion of the lighter line.

Loop around the end of line and standing part of braided line 8 times. Place the trailing hook on the line, then loop the line.

Maintaining leg pressure, hold the standing line in one hand with the tension slightly off vertical. Trim the tag ends. Hold the hook and leader ends between thumb and forefinger of your left hand. Place the lead hook in the vise, and repeat the process, using the line that is trailing from the original hook. Wrap the first turn of the lighter line over itself and continue wrapping toward the round end of loop.

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Larisa Douglas

Heres two of my favorite tutorial for tying a bimini twist: The following version has one subtle difference see if you can spot it: The Perfection Loop, for years I was tying a knot which I thought was a perfection loop, but it turned out. Unlike the fish-finder rig, where the weight is above the hook, in a high/low rig the hooks are spaced out above the weight.

Teresia Przybylski

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