how to paint a boat yourself

How To Paint A Boat Yourself

The purpose of this primer is to fill in the grain of the wood. Now is the time to fix it then do the final roll again. Most gel coats, excepting expensive, high-end options, will fade in 1-2 years. Rough sand the patch with 60 grit before switching to 120 grit to get the final contour. Brushes for small areas or detail work.

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After applying the solvent, for more detailed comments, i like to use EasyOff oven cleaner.

The Do-It-Yourself Topside Paint Job Sailing World


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The main thing is to work away from the fresh wet area so you don't drip on it or catch it with a build pond sleeve, or even sit on it as airplanes I once did.

Too much paint and it will run. Make sure that your primer is compatible with your paint by reading the labels on both cans. If your boats gelcoat looks faded and dull then its time to paint your boat.

With the gray primers there is a time limit between sanding and applying the next coat, so check the instructions on the tin. Leave enough room in your schedule to compensate. Avoid the temptation of tilting the sander from the flat position when sanding areas where filler was used. Not only is creosote cheap and effective against borers but it will also penetrate well into the wood.

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Even where you are merely touching up sound paint the surface must be sanded to provide a key so the new will adhere well and survive for more than one season. Paint remover is too costly and too time consuming. Here are some helpful steps that will enable you to effectively paint your hull.

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Perform the bulk of the work with a paint roller and use the brush to get smaller areas afterwards.

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They see smooth paint. Using a roller speeds up the work and provides a more even film not worry too much about looks at this point. To maintain a high gloss, a boat should be repainted every five years.

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One word of caution: check that both the roller covers and the brushes you plan to use are compatible with the paint before your start the job. Traditional seam compounds are never applied until after the hull has received its primer coat.


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