how to read a volt meter

How To Read A Volt Meter

Gently lift up on the fuse, and it will pop out. While you might want to stand there and hold the probes to the system, sometimes its easier to free up your hands. To begin, lets make sure the circuit you are working on is powered up correctly. How to measure current with a digital multimeter. Continuity Continuity testing is the act of testing the resistance between two points.

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two electrical contact points of the bulb. If the circuit to be tested is AC but the meter will only measure DC amps (or vice-versa stop. Blowing the meter fuse is almost certain if the DUT's (device under test) inrush current is many times higher than the fuses rating. Current consists of a flow of electrons around a circuit, and it is necessary to be able to monitor the overall flow of electrons. A multimeter provides one of the easiest ways to measure both alternating and direct current (AC DC).

Basics of current artichokes measurement, current measurements are made in a different way to voltage and other measurements.

The needle or pointer of an analog meter will be resting at the left most position. A difference in reading as small as onehalf a volt can mean in a big difference in your boat batteryapos. Remember, sooner or later youre going to have to develop a good relationship with the electrical system.

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How to use a voltmeter, or multimeter

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Basics you need to know

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In this way the research most accurate reading will be gained. Turn the dial to the lowest setting in the resistance mode. The numbers apply to both the black and red scales, you use the red scale line for AC and the black scale line for. You never want protected to surprise your meter with a higher inspector load than its scaled for or you can burn the fuse or damage.

If you know you dont have a drain problem you may have to scale down to a lower setting to get a reading. Locate the "Zero Adjust" knob and rotate so that the the meter indicates "0" (or as close to "0" as possible). Following these steps it is very easy to measure current using any digital multimeter. By taking the capacitor's resistance, we can determine whether the capacitor is good or bad. When using the analogue multimeter it is possible to follow a number of simple steps: Insert the probes into the correct connections - this is required because there may be a number of different connections that can be used. Replace batteries if needed.

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Set the range of current to the highest value. Read about more current measurement techniques using a multimeter. Test a common electrical outlet. Now if you've set it to AC, read on the scale marked AC, if you've used one of the DC scales and got the polarity right, read it on the DC scale. Youre going to connect your multimeter in series with the circuit, so touch one of the probes to the negative boxing battery terminal and the other probe to the disconnected negative cable lying nearby.

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Plug the red probe into the VmA port. If you really need to see how the IC uses current or voltage over time, use an Agilent or other high quality bench unit.

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I will attach some pictures of measurements in action. Auto-off is a great feature that is rarely seen on cheaper multimeters.

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Measurements above and below the reference value are displayed.

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Multimeter with selector set to "Ohms". Power the how to read a volt meter system down. A good click on the range selector is actually a major plus in our book.

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However, it's important to realize that not all DMMs include a Hz testing function. If youre looking to measure a voltage how to clean laptop screen less than 20V, you turn to the 20V setting.

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How to use a multimeter, voltage measurement, current measurements. Set switch to the correct measurement type (i.e. We then insert the multimeter in-line so that it can measure the current as it flows through to the multimeter into the bread board.

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If there is very low resistance (less than a few ohm;s how to read a volt meter the two points are connected electrically, and a tone is emitted. Values at the left side are harder to accurately read than those on the right.

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As mentioned, well need to physically interrupt the circuit to measure the current. Watch the needle move from how to paint automobiles resting at the left and move quickly to 0 on the right. Reversing the probes won't do any harm; it just gives us a negative reading.

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If this meter were to be used to measure current through a 4700 ohm resistor across 9 Volts DC, it would be done as outlined below: Insert the black probe into the "COM" or "-" jack. The range on the DMM can then be reduced as necessary.

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Insert the red probe into how to read a volt meter the "A" jack. The differences in the measurement result from the fact that the multimeter has to rectify the alternating waveform to enable it to measure AC current.

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Connect the black test lead to the jack marked "Common" or "-". Selection Knob Why does how do i report a debtor to the credit bureau the meter knob read 20V and not 10V?


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