how to make balloon sculpture

How To Make Balloon Sculpture

Answer: Hi Lori and everyone else who asked, In addition to the comments below, please see my answer to a similar question about balloon numbers, including a short video showing some of the basics for creating numbers and letters with clusters of balloons. The interactive transcript could not be loaded. Or as an entertaining act. Watch Queue, queue _count total loading. Her husband Twistopher, aka Mike, 54, started in the entertainment trade when he bought a street organ in 1987.

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the This Morning studios. Christine also started designing her own creations. Creative Twistina can make anything out of balloons, and her company has become popular because of that.

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Christine said: 'I do it 50 per cent for the enjoyment I get and 50 per cent for the enjoyment other people get. I sometimes get frustrated and walk away but I always come back. Twistina is commissioned to make balloons for a display or she can make quick, on soap the spot ceations.

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How to Make a Balloon Animal Dog Balloon HQ presents: Large Balloon Sculptures

Expert: Malik Haddadi, contact:.

'Every day is different - I make such a mix of things for a huge variety of people.'.

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Scroll down for video, christine and Mike Belcher have had a series of high profile clients waiting to purchase their balloons. Following the event the couple came up with the names Twistina and Twistopher. 'The models always end up taking longer than I think, but that's because I'm a perfectionist. Christine Belcher has met many of her celebrity clients. Her favourites are a Tutankhamun mask, a peacock on a fence and a meerkat - all of which have won prizes at various international balloon conventions. Twistina made a balloon person in the likeness of actor and producer Billy Zane.

 In this case, an ice castle.

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Apos, learn how to make a balloon animal dog in this free balloon animal video. Ve made, twistina can make anything from balloons including this elaborate owl sculpture. S Alex Jones and Matt Baker, hats, apos.

By lori roy (midlan, texas, usa how to do i make like the number 15 out of a cluster of balloons? Christine has even made life-size dogs to appear in the Louis Vutton show at London Fashion Week. Mike also does Punch and Judy, plays the barrel organ and performs children's magic.

Twistina, real name Christine Belcher, has been a balloon sculptor since 2004 and has modelled for hundreds build of clients, including Louis Vuitton, Virgin, Disney and Harvey Nichols. I get as many pictures as possible of what I want to make from all angles and start building from there. If you are interested, please contact Sean via email.

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In 2006 the couple attended their first balloon convention in Belgium. 'I made how to make balloon sculpture an aeroplane - I couldn't make a train yet - for a little boy.

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He later came running down the train and threw his how to make balloon sculpture arms round.

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Christine took third prize in the contest with a Wizard of Oz themed model. Big thanks to Sean O'Kelly from Australia who has offered to send his instruction sheet on how to make the frame for all numbers. Add a few other balloons and you can make a fruit basket, gian bumble bee, or party favors and other hanging or table decorations.

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Published: 07:07 EDT, Updated: 09:12 EDT, To some it is just a children's party trick, but one couple has turned balloon making into an art form. Each easy-to-learn instruction is accompanies by clear, step-by-step drawings so thatyou can follow along as you learn. To color the outside of the ice, place a few drops of food coloring to the outside of an already frozen structure.

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Mike cut down his hours in a financial office and Christine put hours of practice into learning the standard balloon models. For an added effect, place Christmas lights underneath them and turn them on at night. There are even balon games you can how to make balloon sculpture play alone or with friends.

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In this case, food coloring how to make balloon sculpture was added in water pitchers.

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Bio: Malik Haddadi is a magical comedy entertainer, balloon artist, and juggler with over 15 years experience. All the best, Margit).

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He said "You're the best". The couple have had celebrities praising their balloons, including supermodel Elle Macpherson.

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You can even earn money at parties making colorful sculptures for the guests.

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Step 3: When the balloons are frozen, peel off the balloons from how to make balloon sculpture the ice. She took second prize with a peacock on her next visit, before taking home first with her meerkat model on her third visit to the convention.


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