how to tie the dirty worm

How To Tie The Dirty Worm

Other changing aspects of the cut include the length, which determines the break, the bunching of fabric just above the shoe when the front seam is marginally longer than height to the shoe's top. After a trip to Montanas Missouri River a few years back, I decided to end the pain and began playing with a few new streamer designs to create wide-profile flies that cast and sink better, but still present the necessary fish-attracting profile and movement without. These eyespots cannot form images, but in the most sophisticated receptors can detect changes in light intensity and the angle of light impingement. Their reproductive systems are simple to the point of being rudimentary.

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using black chenille and an orange colored bead. In this location the line is in line with the worm and tends to reduce any shaking action imparted by the angler via his rod.

Fly Tying The Blood Worm

Always take the extra time to tie a solid, wet knot.

It's intended to be fished slowly in such a way that it aggravates pressured, inactive, lethargic bass into striking.

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Reel it back in with some tension and your first cast will feel like brand-new line. Years of constant experimentation have allowed him to realize the unique properties of an unpegged Texas rig. He uses a few simple tricks classic limestone to keep even his older line performing like new.

Sizes: 12, erics Firebead Sparkle Worm Brown Tan. The shaky head rig couldn't be more simple. Tungsten makes all the difference, but be careful Unless hes using a weight smaller than 1/4-ounce, Nixon is a huge believer in the sensitivity and subtle profile of tungsten sinkers.

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However, youll have a hard time controlling. The hope is it will be seen by bass as a meal too easy to pass.

San Juan Worm Fly Pattern Varieties and Materials to tie

This fly is tied with the same material as the pattern above, it just uses 2 different colors of chennille. Next time a hard rain blasts your favorite trout stream, be sure to consider the often overlooked San Juan worm. If Im trying to force reaction bites in clear water or battling windy conditions, I might beef it up to a 3/8-ounce weight for a faster fall and a better feel of the bottom. Fluorocarbon will burn itself if you cinch a dry knot and I can guarantee youll lose fish if that happens. Yep, you guessed. You also want to use a rod with a solid backbone that allows you to wrench big ones out of cover. He purposely blazes through stretches of bank until he is able to put together a pattern.

It is made to simulate a cluster of several worms bunched together. That you sometimes see on the sundeck of cars. As a general rule-of-thumb, Nixon utilizes a faster fall and presentation in clear water with a 5/16 or 3/8-ounce weight and a slower fall and presentation in dirty water with a 3/16 to 1/4-ounce weight.

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