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Although small in size, they can be effective in smaller aquariums up to 30 gallons. Examples of hardier plants include Mermaids Fan, Red Titan Algae, Sargassum, Fire Fern, and Flame Algae. As the micro crustaceans multiply, they provide a natural food source and increase biodiversity of the aquarium. The goal of a refugium is to have a rich, fertile environment for organisms to thrive. Thats all there is.

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What Plants and Algae are the Best for a Refugium?

Neighboring refugiums: These are stand-alone aquariums that are set up above, seeing below or next to the main display aquarium.

With a refugium, become detritus and uneaten food settles within the rock and deep sand, where the micro crustaceans such as amphipods and copepods will feed upon. The fish are happy because they get a fresh supply of nutritious food, and the micro-organisms in the fuge are happy because they were just presented with tons of tasty detritus tidbits. Help control algae growth in the existing aquarium.

Another option is a small hang-on-the-back refugium as illustrated to the right.

After development, provide considerable aesthetic value to the system.

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Species to Add to Your Refugium - Aquarium Fish

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Typically, installing the refugium a few inches higher than the main aquarium is sufficient depending on the size of both the main aquarium and the refugium. Install a U-tube from the refugium to the display aquarium and draw the air from the tube which will start the siphon.

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It recreates, on a small scale, remember they reproduce on their own.

About refugium Successful Reef Keeping

Refugium Basics Living Reefs

Simply install the new aquarium next to the main display aquarium, and pump water from the main aquarium into the Eclipse system. As for pumping the water between the two tanks, dont get too carried away with the water flow. While the amount of light may be fine for some macro algae, such as Chaetomorpha, Ulva and possibly a few varieties of Caulerpa, it is often more desirable if space is available, to upgrade to a higher output light source, such as t-5 fluorescents. A refugium is the best representation of how nutrients are handled in nature. On the other hand, if the purpose of the refugium is to provide an area for the reproduction of invertebrates to feed the main tank then strong lighting to provide optimal growth is not necessary.

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Refugiums provide how to be a master chef many benefits to saltwater or reef aquariums.

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Done right, they can be aesthetically-pleasing, massively-filtering, and even fun to put together. Refugiums are excellent for keeping the water clean, oxygenated, and pH balanced, especially at night.


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