how to apply everyday makeup

How To Apply Everyday Makeup

You can apply a light shimmer eyeshadow or eyeliner in the inner corner of your eye but for day time I like to leave it like that. One mascara that doesn't clump on me is Smashbox's Full Exposure mascara. Lightly line your eyes The next step is to line your eyes with eyeliner. Use the second color from the left as the base color all over your lid. How to Apply Pencil Eyeliner - tutorial.

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How to Apply Everyday Makeup: 15 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

If you have a darker skin tone, use need a darker blush that has a red-pink tone. Apply this eye shadow lightly to the middle of the crease of your eye and connect it with the color you just blended out. I recommend using a spoolie then to separate out any clumps that may have formed in your eyelashes if your mascara did clump. To get an extra bright-eyed effect, dot the color onto the inner corners of your eyes too.

Simple everyday Makeup in under 10 minutes! A Simple Everyday Makeup Routine, From the Experts

How to Apply Everyday Eye Makeup

Smudge some underneath your bottom lash line as well to give some illusion of a smokey eye later. Apply to the painting apples of your cheeks, as seen here. If you trout know foundation will look too heavy on you, then try using. Try, revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow in Copper Canyon, which comes with all the shades you need to create this look.

But you do need to wipe excess off the brush if you decide to use this mascara because the wand is large. Different Eyeliners do Different Things Types of Eyeliners: How To Use Them There are many types of eyeliner on the market today.

Start with an eye primer and apply it all over the lid and below the eye close to the bottom lash line since you will be putting eyeshadow in both places.

A good way of making the powder appear natural is to use a buffing brush and just buff the powder into your skin in circular motions, the more you buff the more natural the powder will look.

For me, for a natural look, I wouldn't opt for a dark color since my lips are normally a red-pinkish color, but anything lighter than my own lip shade, or the same color, is fair game.

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Expert tip, use the point of your brush. A Touch of Base," but if you have particularly sparse lashes go ahead and apply a second coat as needed.

Ana Marie Rizzieri, who created the look in these photos. Next you need some eyeshadow. After you apply a small amount, take a sponge tip applicator and lightly dab and drag in small motions to smudge out the eyeliner.

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Keep the outer most corner thicker how to build ladder golf and you can retrace the liner on the outer corner to make it thick. Since it's probably for a more casual day, chances are you will want it to last all day and not smudge.

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Buff it into the how to get ink out of clothes skin.

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See the video tutorial by makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. Only apply it to the outer third of your top eyelashes to give a nice winged out effect.


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