how to paint marble surfaces

How To Paint Marble Surfaces

I used the white iridescent glitter from a Creatology brand glitter pack from Michael's. Bigger spreading tools will make it easier!  It's called Super Glaze, and it is a two-part epoxy that pours on and is the equivalent of using 60 coats of varnish. Add the marble veins by dipping the tip of the feather into the darker gray paints and dragging and wiggling it across the countertop. Please see our full disclosure here.

My late 80s tract home features lots and lots of cultured marble and oh, did I carousel mention that I strongly dislike cultured marble?! . When you're ready, click here to submit your project and photos. Heres a look at the dining room for farther away. . Caulking not only gives everything a more seamless appearance, but it also greatly helps with cleaning because it doesnt allow dirt plants and grime to settle in between the two surfaces. .

A good brush is a must. Its best to do this step when youre alone at home and be sure to turn the airheat off so that particulates in the air dont blow around and settle in your wet surface.

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Changing the color of old 1960 s marble vanity top How to Paint a Faux Marble Surface how-tos DIY

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 One way how to paint is to take a brush, dip it into a tray of colored glaze, blot the excess and proceed to paint diagonal sections on the wall, blotting the areas with a cheesecloth or rag.

Even though I wasn't positive exactly what type of stain I was working with, I had a hunch it was rust.

Why is the Triple S Faux System the best method to learn how to paint a marble faux finish? There are many ways to achieve a marble faux finish but some methods can be very time information consuming, especially when painting a large area like a wall. Kilz Adhesion, which is a bonding primer specially formulated for slick surfaces, such as cultured marble. . You probably never knew the dining room was surrounded by columns absorption since Ive never showed them before! Kilz Adhesion Primer If not available in girl your state, use Kilz Premium Primer. As such, I couldnt use this particular product for my painting project and so set about testing out a few other primer options.

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As I certified mentioned, the area I was painting gets a lot of wear and tear so I decided to add a top coat for extra protection and easy cleanup. . You can instantly add value to your home or office this way. Place the pieces of wet towel over the stains on your marble. To me, it just has a dated look and I was ready for a change, so I broke out the paint!

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Paint the Faux Marble Look. Marble and granite can be white, black, gray, green, tan, yellow, and red, among other colors.

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Supplies: To create your own faux marble countertops, you'll need: the countertop (we got our 36 deep, rounded edge countertop at how to clean circulated coins the ReStore for 5!) white primer for glossy surfaces (I used Valspar Contractor Primers/Bonding Primer) gray paint (mine was leftover latex paint, but you could. Be sure theres adequate ventilation in the room where you will be painting.


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