how to cut steel drums

How To Cut Steel Drums

Using hammer, chisel and various primitive tools, the shape is cut and the various decorative patterns are pounded into the metal, creating a unique and treasured piece of primitive art. Also I like the suggestion about using card board, without protection to the surface it is going to scratch and look terrible. He's asking about cutting top to bottom, then turn on it's side for a Santa Maria style pit, otherwise known as a Texas hibachi! As in any art form, some metal work is far superior to others. I still work here!

I took two pieces of 12 x 24 perforated sheet metal and bolted it into a cylinder. These printer will hold.5 Weber kettle food grate. Chernobyl or, three Mile Island on it or it mentions any type of remote health hazard and you turn it into a smoker and get sick as agency hell / grow a few more ears, you are at fault. I'd feel safer using a circular saw I think.

FAQ, also I like the suggestion about using card board. Meaning the holes will be about.

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I am painting the inside with a quart of Rustoleum High Heat specialty paint.

Have a helper spritch a little WD40 as you cut.

How to cut steel drums Hometalk Best way to cut and flatten 55gal steel drum?

05-11-15, 06:56 AM #6, make sure the install bungs are removed before cutting. Once this puppy dries on the outside, its case electric time to screw on all of the hardware.

Whichever blade you choose I would wash the barrels out before cutting as the cutting will generate a lot of hot metal sparks that could ignite the oil. Luckily, there is a handy guy in the parish who happened to have one for me to borrow. Smoker guts inserted Thermometer bolted on needed a washer on the inside to make it snug Four ball valves to serve as air baffles near the base each also needed a washer for snugness Cant go wrong with a Weber kettle BBQ tool rack Drop. All times are GMT -7.

All information is provided "AS." Website operating problems contact.

Can I just secure the drum and cut from one end or is it best to plunge cut in the middle first?

Update (May 21, 2013 i discuss using and did use RustOleum High Heat paint on the inside of the drum. Cutting lid off a 55 gallon drum using air chisel. One simply rests on the other in the center of the base of the smoker. Sure you do not have one but any real welding shop would use a plasma cutter. Be very careful with a cut off wheel on a side grinder, if you let the blade go deep into the cut and you move just a little to the side to bind the wheel it can explode in your face, not a fun feeling.

(Pics to follow) Im inspired by Ernie Hudson in Ghostbusters : We have the tools; We have the talent! View our Privacy Policy here. Time to get some rub paste on 11 lbs of brisket for the family gathering tomorrow. If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got. Welcome to the DoItYourself Forums!

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I use a metal clad strap tape. I think I want to bury it a little so we don't have to stand up all the time. . Posted: Fri May 20 11 8:18 am Post subject: fireman pete, 1 on the string method.

Crista Balding

It is then pounded into a flattened "metal canvas" of approximately 3" x 6".

Claud Guillaume

They are brought to the neighboring town. Location: Seattle, Washington, posted: Thu May 19 11 how to cut steel drums 3:30 am Post subject: Doing layout on a curved surface can be tricky. Allen._ H _ _Trucks-n-BBQ _ H- _ H_ fireman_pete BBQ Super Fan Joined: Posts: 442 Location: Temecula, CA Posted: Fri May 20 11 12:49 pm Post subject: I have an angle grinder, but was going to try the circ saw with the metal blade first.

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I used to watch the pipefitters work in the shipyards.

Dortha Woodford

One way to do this if you have a smooth flat table, is to set the drum on its side and prevent it from rolling. Using these recycled 55-gallon oil drums, the artist first removes both round ends of the drum and places these inside the cylinder along with dried banana or sugar cane leaves. Metal drums, once used for transporting oil or other products are purchased near the port in the capitol city.

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_ Always remember slow and steady wins the race. Works fine if your string doesn't stretch.


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