how to draw a squirrel

How To Draw A Squirrel

Now just erase lines that you dont need and outline the correct lines with a black pen or marker. Finish the lesson by drawing the fur and the color of the eye. The oval doesn't have to be perfect. As for the darkest shade, that should go on the pupil.

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At this point you can also divide the squirrels paw by drawing in 3 lines to give him fingers.

Building tone with texture: The penultimate step in our squirrel drawing is to concentrate on strengthening the darker tones and texture of its fur.

What youll need: To start with, draw a large circle which will become the body of your squirrel. Drawing a squirrel: Step 1, start to sketch the squirrel lightly in pencil. Hads is learning how to draw a squirrel today!

You can always practice, too! Clean up your squirrel a little bit by erasing the guidelines from the previous steps. The dark shiny eye was also added at this stage by hatching lines until they formed a dense black tone but carefully leaving areas of untouched highlights to suggest its reflective surface. Also draw 2 sideways j shapes for the nose and mouth.

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If you arent familiar with drawing fur, then refer back to our how to draw a kitten lesson.

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