how to tie midge flies

How To Tie Midge Flies

I carry several spools of tippet, both fluorocarbon and monofilament in sizes 5X. A 9-foot 4- or 5-weight rod is sufficient for most midge fishing. During the initial phases of the hatch, trout may eat both hanging pupae and adults. I tie my pupae imitations in sizes 20 to 26, in a wide range of colorsblack, brown, dark olive, and gray. Prior to emerging, pupae become fidgety, moving up and down in the water column several times before the adult finally breaks free from the pupal sheath and pushes its way through the meniscus.

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never get confident nor reap the rewards of tiny flies until you gain confidence in their ability to catch trout and start fishing them. I normally trim the hackle of the bottom of the fly so it rides low in the surface film like the freshly-emerged adult. Rewrap the hook again and stop just short of where you last ended the previous wrap and then rewrap back to the bead. . To fish them, just down size your tippet to 5x-7x and rig them up the same way you do with all your other favorite fly patterns, streamers excluded. Jason Borger continues to amaze with his simplicity in fly tying.

Mercury Midge - Glass Bead Midge Fly Tying Video - Dakota

Modified with a svelte body and using copper wire in place of brass, the South Platte Brassie is one of my all-time favorites.

When I used to look at those flies in the bins at fly shops, I can remember thinking, how can the fish see these in moving water and is there some special rig youre supposed to use for fishing them? . Today we get bushes an excellent post from. When it comes to thread, I prefer to use as fine a strand as I can get away with.

Again, the trailing shuck made of Antron, as is the body (in the adult coloration).

And I can tell you that the fish like the looks of this one.

Body: Black tying thread.

A prime example of this would be the dream stream section of the South Platte River in Colorado. In most situations, regardless of the time of year, anglers fishing tiny nymphs with confidence will find that they can catch trout regularly just about anywhere. I personally like regular or long-shank hooks for larval and pupal imitations, and short-shank hooks for emergers and adults. Larva, to imitate the larval stage of many midges, the South Platte Brassie is a terrific choice. Ive since found out I was nuttier than a fruit cake to assume all of the above about tiny flies, and theyve become my go-to patterns when fishing gets really tough. The red hue serves as both a simple attractor color, and also imitates the red color of a number of larva.

Particularly those size 20-26 midge patterns.

In general, small subsurface nymphs can be your winning lottery ticket for consistently catching fish when youre confronted with heavily pressured waters or fishing tailwaters that usually sustain high numbers of small aquatic insects.

Rib: Silver Ultra Wire, small.

Rainbow trout falls for a tiny attractor midge larva.

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Theyll work every day of the year, and they also work equally well for both wild and stocked trout. The fly is quite basic, but keep in mind that we're really trying to impress the fish, not other fishermen. 2017, video, may.

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It is entirely possible to use too much how to tie midge flies weight during the height of a midge hatch. Disclaimer: Any activity involving rope can be dangerous and may even be life threatening!

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As the wings struggle to pull free from the pupa, the trailing shuck can be a significant trigger. I typically coat the top of my fly with Frogs Fanny, which turns the topside of the fly white and helps locate your tiny fly on the water. Concentrate your efforts in transitional zones (mid-channel shelves or gravel bars) that funnel into deeper water.

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Their heads are small, but noticeable, and easy to how to tie midge flies imitate with a few wraps of tying thread. Stuck in the Shuck or trailing shuck patterns are excellent imitations for these struggling cripples.

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This is especially effective in skinny water where traditional nymphing rigs tend to how to win friends&influence people ---book spook trout or get hung up on the bottom. Pupae are shorter and stockier than the slender larvae. Anglers often refer to the red wormlike larvae as blood worms or blood midges.

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In some how to tie midge flies watersheds, midges are the predominant food source, making up as much as 50 percent of a trouts diet.

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A steady supply of drifting midge larvae is especially important for opportunistic trout when other aquatic insects are inactive. My favorite pupae imitations include Mercury Black Beauties, Top Secret how to tie midge flies Midges, Medallion Midges, and Jujubee Midges 20-26). Conditions dictate the length of the leadersmooth glasslike currents require longer leaders.

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The emerging process is slow, giving trout how to tie midge flies ample opportunity to capitalize on an effortless meal.

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The most widespread group of midges are how to tie midge flies chironomids, members of the Chironomidae family. Trout feed confidently and voraciously when these clusters form.


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