how to read blood tests

How To Read Blood Tests

AST 10-34 IU/L Found in the heart and liver tissue, the measurement of this enzyme helps identify problems related to heart and liver. High levels of creatinine mean your kidneys are not excreting waste properly. Less common causes of abnormal AST and ALT levels are wide ranging (for example, toxins, and autoimmune diseases). High levels may be the result of excessive intake of corticosteroids, salt, and pain-relieving medications. And because there are so many variables affecting the blood chemistry, many veterinarians require a urine sample to be evaluated at the same time as the blood chemistry is submitted - otherwise the reliability of indicated abnormal results may be questionable.

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Understanding Lab Tests and Results Lab Tests Online

Normal Values of WBC Differential Count.

Any irregularity here indicates inflammation, anemia, autoimmune disorders, infections, or other health concerns.

The normal range is between 40 and 160 mg/dL.

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Chloride 98-106mEg/L Usually measured as part turkey of an electrolyte panel, abnormal prostitutes values show an overly acidic environment in your body. On the other hand, low RBC counts may indicate nutritional deficiency, anemia, kidney problems, or bone marrow damage.

Medically Reviewed by a Doctor on 11/17/2016. Triglycerides Triglycerides are fats found in your blood and are often responsible for causing heart disease with many other health problems. The blood test measures the shapes, numbers, and sizes of these different types of white blood cells.

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Understanding Your Lab Test Results - American Cancer Society

The role of red blood cells is to deliver oxygen to tissues in your body. People with mild to moderate elevations of AST and ALT with no or few symptoms should follow-up with their doctor for potential underlying causes of elevated AST and/or ALT. Abnormal blood levels of any of these may be due to a kidney install problem. Repeated test levels (monitoring) is useful in some patients (for example, viral-caused and Tylenol-caused elevations) to guide therapeutic treatments. A high blood level of creatinine indicates that the kidneys may not be working properly.

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Urea is a waste product formed from the breakdown of proteins. Therefore, if you have an abnormal result you may need further tests to find the cause of a kidney problem. And what if the sodium level seems a bit too high, does that mean how to read blood tests there are dysfunctional kidneys or a hormonal imbalance?

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Other clinics rely on local veterinary laboratories that will pick up blood samples and fax or phone the results back to the clinic the same day. You should aim to keep your LDL cholesterol below 100mg/dL. You may have high levels due to high blood pressure drugs and diuretics.


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