how to install a transmission cooler

How To Install A Transmission Cooler

Q: I have added an additional cooler to my Powerstroke truck and I still see higher than expected temps. Weve added a few additional parts to make it easier for us to install this kit through transmission line universal fittings, part number D13032 and additional hose to go from where we tap in to the manufacturers transmission line to our cooler, part number D13003. The most common type is the "tube and fin". This Tru-Cool Max 4739 unit is a 40K model. (1-1/2" of pitch) Flat plate impeller design with.

Tranny coolers - How to route and install!

We look forward to serving you, The Advance Team. At 260 the transmissions internal seals and rubber parts harden and major damage starts. If you perform a flow test chest with many the coolers disconnected and you get fluid from the rear port on the transmission, your cooler bypass valve is bad.

IF YOU purchase OUR 8 install KIT - YOU will USE these instructions - click here. Tranny temps never exceeded 165 and it was between around 96-98 degrees outside. This type uses flat hollow plates for the fluid to pass through.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Transmission Coolers Installation instructions transmission cooler part

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Boy was I wrong in my assumption. Installation instructions - nonspecific to application. However, I did order the Tru-Cool Max and came out of my OEM tranny cooler and into the Tru-Cool and out to the tranny. This cooler is a "stand-alone" cooler designed to handle the heat load by itself, but in the 99-03 Ford trucks it can be used as an add-on cooler in addition to your OEM cooler.

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At how to install a transmission cooler 240 varnishes form and transmission life expectancy is cut in half.

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Millions of automatic transmissions fail every year from overheating. These two lines here run from the radiator cooler to the transmission. You may have to see a professional at this point to help diagnose the problem.

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Used with deeper pitch fans. (NO special tools required *Additional Hose and Mounting bolts may be needed for your application.

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Installing a transmission cooler can prevent transmission burnout.

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Refer to manufacturer how to install a transmission cooler installation instructions and specs for complete information. The Tru-cool riod." - James in Tenn.

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Home Transmission Upgrades TRU-cool 4739-1 transmission cooler, tRU-cool 4739 transmission cooler 40,000 GVW how to install a transmission cooler ADD ON cooler. The outcome of this test assumes that you have NO fluid exiting the rear port of the transmission.


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