how to read plat map

How To Read Plat Map

These are usually drawn and then each line is annotated with bearing and distance. . If it is described by metes and bounds, then you have to figure out the beginning point to understand the lengths, degree angles, and curves. A line showing it travels N E  can also be described as traveling. These points are as follows: Locate all easements, utilities, and other indications, which are indicating any unpleasant property rights in the land. However, some plats are not recorded. .

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Reading Subdivision Plats and Site Plans - vpic Guide to Reading an Assessors Plat Map - Richard Schulman

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If a survey plat indicates that it has been loan recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds (North Carolina) or the Clerk of Superior Court (Georgia you can obtain a copy from that office or possibly download a copy from the appropriate office. . It all depends on which direction you are train facing when following the line.


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How to Read Land Survey Plats

How to Read a Plat Map - Fidelity Title EDesk

Map Revisions: As parcel changes occur, these have to be updated on current parcel maps. The most common scale is 1" 100' but you will see several other variations depending on the county and map book.

Finally, the last number is the specific parcel number, which is 005. WikiHow Contributor Most of the points should have a piece of rebar stuck in the ground with a cap. This time we'll check out a map in Tuolumne County. In this example, we will use the Butte County parcel map for book 1, page 1, and find the APN for parcel 17 in block.

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This will orient you to the how to save cd keys in cds propertys actual location on the ground. .

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Its also important to locate the distance between the improvements and boundaries and every easement. Once you find the beginning point you can follow each segment of the boundary until you return to the point of beginning. . Surveyors of old used this system because it was easier to compute areas and closure ( more on this subject later ) using how do i get my military disability pay statement the bearings rather than degrees. .

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Test your vocabulary with our 10-question quiz! Now lets look a the how to read plat map drawing itself. . Remember to change both directions.


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