how to install a bay window

How To Install A Bay Window

One window is parallel to the walls inside and the other two windows that come off the side of the front window are each angled inward toward the room. 3-unit 30 and 45 bay windows. They will complete the job by adding some finishing and trim around the window interior. They will also look for potential problems (like dry rot or structural damage) on the exterior window sill. The new window is installed from the exterior.

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Remove the drywall or plaster, then the framing that formed the old window opening.


Use a encoding sledgehammer to knock the king studs and trimmers away from the ends of the existing header (Photo 3). Our anne trim and cabinets are Douglas fir, finished with a lightly tinted polyurethane. Our Pella window came with two preinstalled cables running from the bottom of the footboard up through the headboard.

Photo 4, replacing an aging picture window with a new bow window produces lots of benefits. Combining three or more windows together so that they angle out beyond the house wall.

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Use big-head, plastic cap nails to secure 2-in.

Measure the combined thickness of your wall studs, exterior sheathing and drywall or other interior wall surface to determine the proper depth of your window's extension jamb (Photo 8).

Of play 4-9/16.

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Build the Bay Window You ve Always Wanted This Old House

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Position studs patio directly under each truss or ceiling joist. Tip: Level the under footboard, then raise it an extra start 1/8. Photo 7: Use scraps of wood to support the window. A project that's as easy or difficult as you want it.

Filling gaps with wide trim boards is often lots easier. What are the key benefits of bay and bow windows?

If you're installing a larger header, build a temporary support wall (Photo 1).

Siding pieces along the left side of the window (tacky, tacky we removed the siding back to the corner and installed full-length siding pieces that butt to the trim board (Photo 16).

If your window is metal or vinyl clad, built-in nailing flanges may be securing it to the exterior sheathing and framing.

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Most major window manufacturers offer bow windows. Available with three to seven panels.

Determine the window rough opening width. Photo 15: Set the bottom flashing in place. Nail the new cripples to the bottom plate using 16d nails, then cut and nail the new sill in place. If you're installing a larger header, shut off power to all electrical outlets and switches in the wall, then remove the drywall or plaster. Bay and bow windows add style and dimension to both the inside and outside of your home.