how do i tweak my dsl modem

How Do I Tweak My Dsl Modem

Of course, thank you again for reading this and any further advice you may have. Actions 2004-Aug-23 6:04 am (locked) mesmd join: San Pedro, CA optimize my dsl modem and network speed sargeeld, Thanks for not giving up on me! The other option would be to allow the actiontec to be the router and use the linksys as wireless switch. I do not know what their problem is, but they love suckers like me who get used to the Isp and do not check the lousy speed given most of the closing I can not thank you enough for following this and advising me with.

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This program can be useful if the user frequently downloads files from the Internet.

Step 8, after completion of the reboot process, launch the Web browser and go back to the Speedtest website.

Step 11, contact your DSL provider for information on Proxy Server configuration.

Launch the Web browser and go edit to the t website.

Compare the resulting speed with your initial figure.

Six Steps to a Faster Broadband Connection PCWorld

The best way to have your DSL make wired is with twisted pair wiring (i.e. There are a number of factors that can affect the performance of your DSL connection which include multiple simultaneous file downloads, route taken by the data packet, multiple simultaneous users, number of hops between the servers, and even electrical interference in some cases. You will need an extraction application that can handle ZIP format to completely decompress the contents of the archive.

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Shaunda Bucy

I would suggest doing the DSL registry hacks in Windows to get any more out of your connection.

Gilda Hillery

Use the following instructions to assist you with Power Cycling your DSL modem: Note: You will need to power down your computer. You get the same MTU readings on both machines.

how do i tweak my dsl modem
Claud Guillaume

Here is my new tweak results below and my speed is still 45 kb/sec. If this is the case, then you're not going to see any benefits at all and probably end up screwing your configs and having an ISP tech come out and charge you to get your connection back.

Catherin Friday

On all the other computers in my network (2 others) running win98se, they all have the same slow speed with different modem parameter settings.


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