how to paint my car

How To Paint My Car

Answer: You really dont have to remove the paint, no need to make unnecessary work for yourself. The best advice would be to buy all from the same manufacturer, as part of the same paint system. The proper paint mixing ratios are included with product information sheets. If you can lay out a pattern on your car with tape, youre halfway there. Firstly, make sure that the kit fits properly by running a trial fitting, any trimming should be done at this stage.

I am happy with how it looks wihtout the sanding, so I stopped here. If time is limited, you don't have to go grow right back to bare metal. Inspect the finished job for runs or imperfections. They will be able to match. If you are not happy with the look, continue to sand the paint progressively increasing the paper grit.

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Using a roller, load it up with your thinned-down Rustoleum. A dust extractor, while not essential, will help keep the area clean. Too much paint and you will have runs everywhere.

Now we are ready to apply paint. And persistence, if youapos, with each panel taking up to two hours to complete. Now simply start to paint it onto the car.

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All Car Painting steps one How To Paint Any Car Yourself - Step-by-Step Car Painting

You can refer to the 50 Dollar Paint Job for more in depth information about the sanded finish technique.

Give everything a good wet sand session again at 600 grit.

Mix it well and you are good to go!

How to Paint a Car - Car Painting Tips and Tricks - Popular Mechanics

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See all the make car painting steps from how to repair a body panel to prepare the surface and to paint a damaged panel on a car in one video. Your only instructions break points should be at the edge of the car's body. Pour some of your well mixed paint into a paint tray and let's get started. If you are happy with the way the 3rd coat looks as it stands and there are no drips or imperfections. Always make sure to paint one decent sized area at a time.

Here is a quick breakdown of how I went about painting my car: Started with the top of the car, passenger side then moved to the driver's side - passenger side of the hood - then the driver's side of the hood - back. Use the recommended drying times as specified on the primer car instructions between coats. For large cars, use one and half gallons of base coat, four gallons of topcoat, and three to four gallons of clear-coat lacquer. The Rustoleum can says it dries in 24 hours, but since we have diluted it so much it will dry a lot quicker.

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The Poor Mans Paint Job - Instructables

Paint your own car for under 200 (or how I learned to love

This will produce a product with the consistency of milk. As mentioned in the cheapskate's " article, the scariest moment in the whole ordeal is the first roll of paint. It's going to look terrible. Priming, mask up areas you don't want to paint using masking tape and newspaper or paneling plastic sheeting.

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Bobby Speidel

I found the best way to do this was to pour half of the paint can into another container.

Caroyln Gust

Again light even coats leaving 10 to 15 minutes in between. After I painted it, some areas started to crack or as some call it spider web out.

Prince Bump

Any trim pieces that do not easily remove you can tape up with the painter's tape.

Romeo Prowell

Am I happy, yes! There are deep body lines between the roof and the rest of the car making it easy for me to paint it as a "separate piece". Answer: Please refer to our Auto Paint Repair section on Orange Peel for a detailed breakdown of the surface condition, causes, preventions and solutions.

Teresia Przybylski

Answer: This can be quite a difficult process to get it right. Next, clean again using a solvent based cleaner (i.e.

Juan Hodapp

I am happy with how it looks wihtout the sanding, so I stopped here. Although how do i put spanish words into the right sequence youre using a compressor with a 60 gallon capacity tank with a cfm.8, most conventional spray guns need up to around 19 cfm.

Shelli Liebsch

Well heres what is happeningI sanded the plastic down using 320-grit paper. I propose to give it a good wet sand, followed by a primer to aid adhesion and coverage of minor scratches and bare how to draw supergirl bits, base coat and new clear coat.


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