how do i build an inclinometer

How Do I Build An Inclinometer

With just a few simple household or classroom materials, it is possible to make a couple of different types of inclinometers. Sometimes called a clinometer or a declinometer, this instrument is especially useful in trigonometry classes or to determine the angle between a fixed point and a tall object. Making an Inclinometer, check out Today's Featured Videos on SchoolTube. Use the search options to locate other supplies on eBay. Push about 1 inch of the string through this hole.

One lettersize sheet of card stock.

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How to Make an Inclinometer Without a Protractor! How to Make a Clinometer

Applications, inclinometers are used to monitor subsurface movements and deformations.

When you hold the clinometer so the string falls past the circular rim of the protractor, the weight will pull the string straight down past an angle mark on the protractor, such.

(Just how far is 'a good distance'?

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Credits, andrew Olson,. With just two measurements that you can make while standing on the ground, you can figure out how tall the tower. If you crouch or stand on an object to find a better position, you'll need to measure your height at eye level while in that position, instead of when standing normally as described in a later step. If you want to find out how tall the object is, you'll need to know how far away you are from its base. When the inclinometer is tilted, the needle or dial remains stable, thus indicating the degrees of tilt.

2 Measure the angle using the protractor. If you don't have one, count the number of ordinary steps it takes to get to the object, then measure the length of one step once you find a ruler. Checking that deformations are within design limits, that struts and anchors are performing as expected, and that adjacent buildings are not affected by ground movements. Note: Since the pointer or dial of a mechanical inclinometer sometimes sticks, it might be necessary to tap the instrument when it is at the desired angle. Attach a plastic straw or brass tube along the base of the inclinometer.

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Attach a plastic straw or brass tube along the base of the inclinometer. Secure the string with a piece of transparent tape. Finding Inclinometers and Supplies on eBay.

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Press the string tightly against the side of the protractor and carefully lower it, noting which degree mark the string passes through. Subtract this measure from 90 degrees to find the vision angle from your eye to the top of the object.

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Using an Astrolabe, although there is a lot of debate about who built the first astrolabe, the consensus is that Hipparchus has that honor, using it as a much more accurate way of measuring latitude than a gnomon. Please follow and like us). Foresters often use clinometers to measure the height of trees and this device can measure latitude from the star Polaris, although navigators and astronomers use much more complex instruments.

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The instrument is now pointed directly at the how do i build an inclinometer Sun, and the angle on the dial or readout indicates the Sun's angle above the horizon. When the string lines up perfectly with the right triangle, this means that the angle between the eye and the top of the object is 45 degrees. The Ocean Service provides a great version of this use of an astrolabe.

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A foot of string, strong thread, or fishing line. Measure how do i build an inclinometer the distance between this standing location and the base of the object being measured.


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