how to train your 3 year old boy to potty train

How To Train Your 3 Year Old Boy To Potty Train

TIPS: Tomatoes arent the only thing you can grow upside down! Even though the tomato plants are small, they may still need to be staked to support the fruit. As the tomato plants begin to emerge, remove the paper. Phosphorus promotes strong roots and the formation of flowers, fruits and seeds, and helps the plants resist disease.

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cleaning CDs and DVDs:. If there are any major scratches, you should concentrate your cleaning efforts on those areas and you may have to repeat the process a couple times. Minor scratches should be a cinch to repair following the steps below.

Better still, snatch a beach pair of latex gloves, if you happen to attendance keep paneling them around.

Keeping those fragile discs clean and scratch free has always been  a challenge.

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How to Fix a Scratched CD or DVD - How To Clean Stuff

Make sure to store all your discs in cases or on spools, and handle them by the inner ring to avoid damaging the data.

Use a soft cloth or microfiber cloth to wipe it off.

How to Clean a DVD - The Tech-FAQ

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Toothpaste: Many swear by using toothpaste to smooth out the surface of CDs and DVDs. Repairing CD and DVD scratches is tricky. Not everything is streaming online or stored on the cloud.

Its also important to note that these methods will not work with Blu Ray discs given the discs use a harder coating that is more difficult to scratch and damage. These machines can be pricey, so it is recommended to use them as a last resort, or if you have a large number of scratched discs you need does fixed at the same time. Think of it like learn pumice stone on your skin; youll get some of the dead skin off, but if you rub too hard youll take off the important bits underneath. Sticky, greasy, gummy, or caked spots should be cleaned with baby shampoo or mild dish liquid mixed in lukewarm water; gently rub the CD surface with this solution using a soft cloth.

You get the point. Hold it up to the light by putting your thumb in the hole in the middle and grabbing the curved edges with your fingers. Be sure to dry it afterwards by using the cloth or letting it air dry. The less expensive versions, which you may see on clearance shelves for 10 or 20, tend to do more harm than good, often scratching recoverable discs beyond repair or simply dousing them in chemicals that only further damage their exterior. If the general cleaning method above using mild detergent does not remove the stickiness, try using an oily product sometimes used to clean discs, such as cooking oil, creamy peanut butter, or Brasso. The best (only) way to clean your discs, with any material, is to start at the center of the disc and work your way outward in a straight line.

Taking a close look at the disc cab help you determine your course of action. Start from the center of the disk and clean straight out toward the edge. Recommended Microfiber Cloths: You can also clean a DVD with 100 cotton swabs and balls. Do not use toothpastes containing abrasive particles such as baking soda or you will do more damage to your disc. Got some advice on how to clean a DVD without scratching the surface, or on repairing a scratched DVD?

How to Clean a CD / DVD with Household Products

Most any variety of paste (not gel) will do, although plainer is better than fancier,.e., ixnay on the fancy Crest with the polishing beads and breath strips. Clean the DVD with a glass cleaner. We have a machine that can repair most discs.

For instance, you could put it on your coffee table and use it as a post-modern coaster or wear it around your neck as an ode to Flavor Flav. Even the softest facial tissues are made waterbed from abrasive wood fibers that will scratch your DVD. Mild dish liquid, tepid distilled water, isopropyl alcohol. Automobile wax or polish. The first thing you should do if your disc is skipping or is unreadable is to clean.

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Growing tomatoes (and other vegetables) upside-down is an easy and affordable project, so try it out!

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If the soil is poor in phosphorus your plants will stunted, with thin stems and a purple tinge to the leaves on the underside. So if your plant is 4 feet high, you will need a container 4 and half feet deep at least for the roots to grow properly.

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Because they set their fruit at roughly the same time, cropping time is fairly short, and these varieties are excellent for canning. There are many things that you can do with green tomatoes; fried green tomatoes, chow chow and you can make a green tomato pie filling out of them.

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Rather how do i convert cd's to mp3 ripen them by wraping them in newsprint and place them in paper bags.

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There is also an old CD strung on string to protect the tomatoes from the birds. Cherry Tomatoes Cherry tomatoes are very popular as they make a lovely addition to salads. Tomatoes love a warm and sheltered position.

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Make sure that where you are going to transplant them to has how do i download microsoft excel for free also been well watered. You can also make your own self-watering system with these plant stakes or make your own by cutting a hole in the bottom of a soda bottle and poking a few weep holes in the cap.

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Good sources for nitrogen are well-rotted manure, compost, fish-emulsion, blood meal, and legume cover crops. If temperatures exceed 28C (80F) then the fruit will be softer and orange and yellow in color, especially if there is not a lot of leaf cover.

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For growing tomatoes indoors choose a determinate type, or even small cherry tomato plants are ideal.

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Leaves show yellow, white and green patches and puckers along the vein.

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Tomatoes are very useful in salads, soups, stews, or just eating on the run.

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