how to paint a counter top

How To Paint A Counter Top

Allow at least 24 hours to dry before placing bathroom accessories back on top of your bathroom countertop. Step 2: Sanding, lightly sand the counter with 150 grit sand paper. Like Robert Passal said in the interview I did with him, you want your design to last a lifetime. Step 1: Prep-Work, this can almost go without being said but it can be overlooked if this is your first time working with paint.

What I discovered was that some people loved the clean product read and others hated. . I also highly recommend watching a few videos on the technique of eyes using spray paint if you are inexperienced, or better yet getting someone experienced to show you. Polyurethane or another protective finish of your choice.

For this project you will need: TSP, sandpaper, painters tape, newspaper, primer (I used oil based, but feel free to try latex). Rushing can lead to paint bubbles. . Be certain to clean this up as well. Your time away will allow the countertop to dry undisturbed and give you an escape from the fumes. With such a small price tag (. Use a utility knife to score the edges before removing the painters tape. The very orange "Before" (Image credit: Ashley Poskin countertop paint is great for homeowners and renters alike. Before I made the purchase, however, I read all the product reviews. .

How to Paint Laminate Kitchen Countertops DIY Kitchen Painting Countertops for a New Look Bathroom Ideas Designs

Next, cool DIY Coat Racks, tags counter counters countertop countertops how to paint laminate kitchen laminate paint prime, related Posts. If completely replacing them isn't an option for you right now, updating your existing laminate with countertop coating is a great way to achieve a new, fresh look without breaking the bank. Some methods use a kit you can pick up at a home improvement store, while others ( like this one ) use layers texas of daubed on paint to create the faux granite look.

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Utility knife, dust mask or respirator, all purpose cleaner.

Let the countertop dry for an entire week if possible. .

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Roll primer on in 1-2 thin, even coats, allowing the first to dry thoroughly before applying the second. Let your countertop cure for 3 days before use, or according to manufacturers recommendations. Roll in a slow, steady, continuous line from counter end to counter end without stopping. . Because you painted out from the backsplash insectivorous a few inches with your brush, you should have a smooth transition and won't have to worry about getting the roller too close to the backsplash and messing up the finish. After it dries, wipe the surface with your hand if any dust remains, clean it again.


Please keep in mind this project was also completed before I started a blog, so I apologize for the lack of photos but I tried my best to explain each step in detail. Otherwise, youll get fine sand particles in your lovely paint job. Seal and finish 6) When you have completed two-three coats that have dried completely, then you are ready to seal the counter tops. Be sure there is a good amount of paint on your roller but don't worry about complete coverage on your first coatespecially if you are covering a dark counter with a light paint. We used oil based primer for this, but if you want to try latex or another product go ahead and give it. If you can, use a sanding sponge with a beveled edge.

You may want to use an exacto knife beforehand to get clean-lines if you find it is peeling some of the product off. Begin to roll paint onto the surface of your countertop. Now you are finished!

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This is a great project to do right before a vacation. And now, if faux granite isnapos, i would suggest perhaps buying extra cans and returning what you didnapos.

And if you've got a chill landlord, they just might let you go ahead and paint over that ugly old laminate for something fresh and cleanat your expense, of course. Facebook, Pinterest, Google, and, twitter! Most products are self-levelling, but be sure it is all even before it dries. After the countertop is completely dry, lightly sand the laminate. Painters tape, high quality paintbrush, smooth finish roller, paint tray. Even though your countertop paint may be thick, it will dry very quickly so you need to move along at a good pace and keep an eye out for drips. read: Use your nail polish remover elsewhere!

I can not tell you how excited I read am to be sharing a tutorial with you all at Remodelaholic today. Your solution: paint bathroom countertops! March 14, 2012, a little paint goes a long way when it comes to laminate countertops. Results, overall, I am very pleased with the results, and my new faucet made the vanity look even better! .

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Step 4: Painting your Bath Vanity Counter Once the second coat of primer has dried, you can proceed how to build a log splitter to paint the counter. This way, you can recoup treasured items and give them a whole new lease on life. If you're considering training with our expert instructors, we'll be happy to show you all that these products can do in order to maximize your service potential.

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See more product details, product description, color: Sicilian Sand. Make sure that you use painters tape or painters plastic to protect the basin, faucet, and other areas that you dont want painted.

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We painted our old harvest gold formica countertops white followed by a polyurethane sealer, and three days later how to paint a counter top they are yellow.

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Previously, I how to paint a counter top discussed neutural hues as a color of choice that is in high demand by prospective homebuyers. I know, thats not saying much with gas averaging.30 here in San Diego! For laminate vanity countertops, you will want to use latex satin or a semi-gloss enamel.

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Source: Simply Rooms, before Getting Started: Choosing the Right Color Palette.

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Durable automotive grade clear polyurethane topcoat 100 Satisfaction Guarantee (by the manufacturer). Make sure it is something you can live with for years to come.

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Sometimes we grow accustomed to the how to paint a counter top unchanging look of our home. How to Re-Paint Your Wood Vanity with Lacquer.


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