how to install trim

How To Install Trim

Use a compass to measure the distance between the chalk line (on the bottom) and the top corner of your tacked baseboard. Trim is usually finished with a gloss or semi-gloss paint or varnish. To Install Baseboards 3, establish level on your floor. How to Repair a Broken Doorbell: m/watch? WikiHow Contributor You could add a decorative piece to the bottom of the casing.

If there were any unsightly play spaces due to my measurements being off, I filled those with caulking. I decided on having the tops and bottoms of my window casings jut out from the side casings 3/4. For a carpet, you'd want to install baseboards first, and then tuck and secure the carpet eevee underneath them.

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How to Install Baseboards (with Pictures) - wikiHow Crown Molding Installation Install Interior Trim

How to Install Stucco Trim Exterior Home Decor

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Then either touch up down the filler only, or paint the entire baseboard with a second coat, depending on how it looks and how much you care about the extra protection of a second coat of paint. If the baseboard butts company into something and doesnt need to continue around any corners (ex. Alternative tools: Miter saw: coping with a miter saw is fast but difficult. Measure the perimeter of the room(s). Arent they so simple and lovely?


Move the pencil across the entire distance of the baseboard to trace an outline. Use something that pulls off easily and doesnt leave residue, such as blue painter's tape. For inside corners, the process of mitering is the same as it is for outside corners, except that the angles are reversed.

With a block plane, plane down the beveled edge of the baseboard. Were crazy, were creative, were on a limited budget and were planning on having it finished in the Spring of 2013. I feel like I can conquer motor the world now!

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The book, True Angle Tools and the Compound Miter. Most of the nails should come with it, but if necessary, remove any still sticking into the wall. If the baseboard butts into something and doesnt need to continue around any corners (ex.

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Here are some important niche cases for you to consider when cutting baseboard: Odd-corner pieces.

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Shoe molding typically is attached to the baseboard, although with hardwood floors, some prefer to attach it to the floor to avoid having gaps open up later between the molding and the floor. (See below for a shopping list and tools.). A brad-nailer or finish-nailer (rented from a local tool rental agency) will make easier work of trim installation jobs.


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