how to write a good fantasy novel

How To Write A Good Fantasy Novel

Does your main villain punish insignificant mistakes with death? What about the 18th century bloody rivalry between chiefs and kings in Hawaii? Info Does your hero fall in love with an unattainable woman, whom he later attains? Nobodys forcing you to trample the same grass over and over again. No, hes the one character whose story has ever made me feel like a weak-kneed fangirl, while simultaneously wanting to punch him in the face.

Just as a character grows, changes or does the unexpected, so can your fantasy worlds insulation environment. Is any character in your novel best described as "a upload dour dwarf"? Rachelle Gardner, paint Books Such Literary Other TWL Guest Posts by Chuck Sambuchino: What Does a Literary Agent Want to See When They Google You?

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Think about it: If you see the main character alive and well in what you now realize is a future moment, how nervous are you going to be when she gets into danger? Do you think horses can gallop all day long without rest? Does your novel contain a character that is really a god in disguise? The Pro-Prologuers (Pro-Loguers?) contend that: 1) 95 percent of fiction readers do read prologues; 2). Her petite nose was the perfect size for her heart-shaped face. Ivory lace peeked out of the hem in front, blah, blah. Game of Thrones (the HBO series based on George.R.

Think, for example of help the differences between the peaceful, village-like Shire in Lord of the Rings and the desolate, smoking volcanic wastelands of Mordor where the arch-villain Sauron resides. Its been within the protective confines of story time when you know the hero is fine. Quick from note from Chuck: I am now taking on clients as a freelance editor. Image via Pixabay No matter which method you choose, the key thing to focus on is creating complex, flawed, believable, relatable and realistic characters. But if it feels like a stretch or a clich, choose another approach.

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To grab the reader.

Are you writing prequels to your as-yet-unfinished series of books?

Dont force a hero action beginning.

9, 2017: Chesapeake Writing Workshop (Washington, DC) Voice I know this may sound obvious, but capricorn too much telling. But when you get to that moment, and especially when you surpass it, everything changes. All conflict must have a believable cause.

This is contrasted with books set in our own, real world that simply have magical objects, creatures, characters or remote events (Brian Stableford, 2009,. Tips for Pitching a Literary Agent at a Writers Conference Querying Literary Agents: Your Top 9 Questions Answered. You must take readers on a sensory journey throughout your world.

It can also be used to raise the stakes for your characters and create plenty of all-important conflict.

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Chetan Menaria via Unsplash The Harry Potter series is a great example of conflict in fantasy fiction. Why is fantasy book writing popular with aspiring authors of all ages. Guild, is the best organized and most numerous group of people in your world the thievesapos.

4 Approaches for the First Chapter of Your Novel

The Prologue Beginning, meat a prologue is an episode that pertains to your story but does not include the hero (or includes the hero at a time well before the story proper begins, when hes a child). Theres a minor story going on in the modern daytheyre searching for a jewel she had while on the shipbut the real drama is the historical part. Military helicopters flying over a Los Angeles under attack from alien beasties.

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Even the word fantasy suggests how to write a good fantasy novel an imagined escape. Ive read any number of fantasy novels where the political machinations have all the depth of kindergartners arguing in a sandbox, because the writers dont understand how many variables need to go into the equation. No more elves and orcs and dwarves.

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And how to cut psds I think we can do better than meat-and-potatoes. Even just two individuals who loathe one another too much to ever cooperate, despite the benefit it would bring to them both. Populate your world with whatever you like: trees that sing, mountains that walk.


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