how do i sell items on ebay

How Do I Sell Items On Ebay

Don't be intimidated - here are twelve tips that will help you get the most out of your eBay selling activities. Visit: /howtosellonebay, want To Learn How To Sell on eBay Step by Step? If you listed in one of the categories that allows you to accept cheques, make sure the cheque has cleared the bank before delivering the item. Moreover, whether or not the buyer understands your description makes no difference to the value of their money, and every answer you give could lead to more auction cash for you.

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: Search for items that sold (completed listings) following these steps: Click the, advanced Search link located at the top of most eBay pages. Starting anything new can be daunting and scary but once you've learn't the ropes selling on eBay is very straight forward. PayPal Australia recently announced that sellers would, for the first time, enjoy some protection against dodgy buyers - either those using stolen credit cards, or who claim goods were never sent. Sort out shipping costs.

Your first picture with eBay is free, but there's nothing stopping you text using your own online picture storage instead. Know your resolution steps upfront. Describe your item and add photos. PayPal charges a premium for Credit Card payments (to recover costs that the providers charge them and passes those costs on to you in the form of the premier and business accounts. While there is nothing in principle wrong with extras, be wary of spending too much on them upfront.

Note: If youre not signed in, you will be prompted to before you can see your search results. Just because your aunt in Chicago gets a certain type of seller protection, doesn't mean that you will. Pre-Package your item (where practical measure it and weigh.

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From a merchant's perspective that may well be a cost of doing business, but if you're just doing a virtual garage sale, it's effectively giving money away.

Well, because eBay will charge you 25c for each additional picture.

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How To Sell On eBay Step-By-Step Guide (With Pictures) Selling on eBay Tips

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Extra pictures for 25c each? Ending auctions early, if you've got a desirable item, you're almost guaranteed to get one or more enquiries asking if you'll end the auction early and outside the eBay framework. Do your research, it costs nothing to browse eBay, and that's part of the charm.

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How to sell items on ebay eBay

These change from time to time and are region specific. Completed listings check box. The first time you set up an eBay auction, you'll be met with a dazzling array of choices, all of which seem rather cheap. Depending on how you initially describe it, eBay will, by default, suggest likely categories that your item may fit. But you can make that work for you as a seller: search for your item, not only to work out what to charge for it, but also to gauge interest.

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Sell section of My eBay, which comes up when you sign into your eBay account. Package, weigh, and measure your item so you can work out postage. Create how to tie adjustable bracelet a listing, when you list an item, we make recommendations based on similar listings.

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On the selling how do i sell items on ebay side however, many people still hesitate to get involved.


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