how to install soffit vents

How To Install Soffit Vents

Pull any nails that remain in the soffit framing with a cat's paw. When this warm, moist air hits your roof, its likely to form condensation that will lead to further deterioration of your insulation and/or wood rot. But one area that a lot of people just dont think about is keeping their attic cooler. Hole through the soffit right between the lines and measure the thickness of the soffit panel (probably 14 or.). Step Seven improving Attic Ventilation, finally, to ensure that the airway to the vent remains open, staple a ventilation baffle to the plywood sheathing in each rafter bay.

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the cornice or eave, the point where the roof projection and the side walls of the building meet. Position the block in place and use a short level to mark a level line at each end of the eave. The cooling costs for your house can be reduced using and the job itself is easy enough for you to handle. Ventilated soffit materials can help prevent winter ice dams and keep the home cooler in the summer months.

Common in new construction, nails or screws, hammer or Cordless drilldriver. The vents themselves can be nailed or screwed into place. Maximum rafter length is 22feet to maintain proper NFAsoffit to ridge.

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How to Install Soffit Eave Vents on Your Home Today s Homeowner

Simply cut slots in the nail flange area sell where it would be nailed to the wall. This is created by extending toothache the rafters out past the building ends.

It should be an inch shorter and an inch narrower than the actual vent. Before installation, however, you must first determine the channel location on the wall.

Drive the nail through the nail flange and the V groove. There is no maximum slope limitation.

To introduce fresh and cool air to your attic, as well as let hot air escapes from the top of the attic through ridge vents you may consider adding soffit vents. The panel is held in place with small-headed nails driven into the fascia board or nailing strip. Use of continuous ridge vents or other approved exhaust vents are required. Theyre just plain unglamorous. If your attic doesnt have proper ventilation, the best way to increase the flow of fresh air through your attic is by adding vents to the soffit boards on the bottom of your eaves.

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Joanna Manke

In warmer climates, you dont need to worry about condensation. Now, if you keep your attic cooler, the interior of your home is going to be cooler.

Gwyn Lejeune

Space the lines. Now Ill install a new 4 inch soffit vent and insulated vent duct. Laboratory setting are a poor indicator of real world wind and weather behaviors.

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Press and smooth all tape wrinkles for an air tight connection. The new soffit vent will positioned between the roof rafters and lookouts. If there's any insulation clogging the slot, pull it out or shove it back.

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Wide x. Note the review on m indicates it requires a 5 how do i start my own fabric shop inch diameter mounting hole: Install the Soffit Vent for the Bathroom Fan. This project is continued from.

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The benefit of roof ventilation is undisputed. This flexible duct can be used for running air conditioning ducts or bathroom exhaust vents: 4 inch Insulated Flexible Duct for Bathroom Vent Fan Workshop scissors, wire cutter and a tape measure are needed to install the insulated flexible duct.

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With the trend toward installing high R-value insulation in walls and ceilings to keep hot and cold air out, it might seem counterproductive to purposefully cut openings in your roof to let fresh air. Too many people believe the importance of roof ventilation is to increase energy efficiency during the summer.

Romeo Prowell

In fact, the colder the climate, the more likely it is that your home will benefit from attic ventilation.


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