how to read a tape measure

How To Read A Tape Measure

The measurements towards the bottom of the image are metric. Some pocket tape measures feature a case with a known length (e.g. Most carpenters have the 16" centers memorized up to 8 but a little help on the tape measure is well received when you get to 128". Be sure to use the hook properly when using your tape measure!

3, use the smaller lines between certified half-inches for quarter-inches. That would make the total measured space 17 and 1/4 inches. Hold the tape measure firmly when measuring. 4 Use the lock switch to keep the tape at the same length. In this case, we plastic can find our distance in centimeters like this:.6.6 centimeters If we wanted our distance in something other than centimeters, however, we would need to shift the decimal place to compensate.

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Cheap tape measures will be narrow and will lose their shape after a become few feet or so when extended. On a tape measure labeled with imperial units, the most prominent marks are usually the one-inch marks. There is 14 between the one inch marking and the quarter-inch marking. This is handy in certain situations, like for instance, when you're measuring into a tight corner. For example, if you want to find the distance around your wrist, place the zero end of the tape measure on top of your wrist, wrap the slack around and underneath, then line it up with the zero end on top.

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How to Read a Measuring Tape (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Consider using a printable tape measure if you need one quickly or if youre in a pinch.

Tab extended, tab compressed, whats Up with the Studs and Diamonds.

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How to a read a Tape Measure - Carpentry tips and tricks

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This varies from measuring does tape to measuring tape. Without the second line and the point, someone could use the wrong end of your mark and cut the wrong length.


4 If measuring around a round object, pinch the tape where it overlaps. The ticks in the middle of the inch markings are half-inch markings, and there is 12 between each inch marking and half-inch marking.

WikiHow Contributor A prime (apostrophe) is used for feet, while a double prime "tion mark) is used for inches. When you are measuring a length, getting an accurate value just means seeing where the tape lines. Look on the case body for the width indicator. So dont get fancy and try to fix it, since then your tape would only work for one kind of measurement, at best.

Example: Measure a space on your wall.

You can use.5 millimeter mark to help guide you if your measuring tape has them.

Reading Upside Down, when possible, try to keep your tape measure right side. The Hook is Supposed to be Loose. Like studs, they are spaced with OC measurements. This is usually in a different color than the other markings often red in contrast to the normal black markings.

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How many feet are on a tape measure. Measure out a few inches and make a mark. Disclaimer, inch Fraction Decimal and Millimeter Equivalents.

On A Tape Measure

The metric system is in base ten, which makes it much easier to work with decimals compared to imperial measurements. These marks are usually not labelled with a walk number. Some even lock automatically. There are four quarter-inches in one inch.

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How, the humble tape measure is the worlds most commonly used measuring tool, accompanying millions of tradesmen and contractors to work every single day. We use thirty-seconds in the stair calculator, and other instances like that, just for accuracy because when you're cutting 16 stair risers, if you are 1/16th inch how to draw a real wolf out on each stair, you are out a whole inch at the end.

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If you use The Ruler Game to learn to read down to sixteenths, you will have no problem reading thirty-seconds and sixty-fourths if how to do birdcage magic trick you ever need. Measurement is just one reason to learn fractions. Put simply 1 1 2 2" and.

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The tape measure can be marked with US or English measurements (feet and inches metric measurements (meters and parts of meters: centimeters, millimeters, etc) or both shared on the same tape. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Most US tape measures have both inches and foot marks.


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