how to stop static on a record

How To Stop Static On A Record

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Another significant source is the process of removing a vinyl record from its plastic inner sleeve. . Static charges occur when the plastic material of the record becomes negatively charged, that is, when it gains electrons as a result of the friction between it and the cleaning draw cloth, stylus or record sleeve. In Closing., Since a combination of static electricity, dust, dirt and other pollutants are the arch enemies of proper record care, we must do everything we can to eliminate or minimize their effects. The intention is to make the air around the stylus high in humidity. I'd love to hear what he has to say.

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However, with lightweight tracking forces the stylus is no longer able to go through this film or push it aside but rather rides over it resulting in improper tracking with distorted reproduction and a new kind of surface noise.

Because the surface of a record is not conductive (vinyl is an insulator any static charge that occurs stays locked, immobile on the surface of the record. .

Unfortunately these pure materials are now much more prone to static charges and hold a static charge longer.

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I'm not so eager to spend 99 USD on that save static gun-thing, but all advice is appreciated. It will have no effect on a sound problem that does not arise from static electricity. These substances so applied were often viscous, such as grease or gel, and they performed a useful function, in that a film was produced which limited the external field of that static charge and therefore reduced its power to attract airborne dust and dirt. Lightly spray the big brush with the solution so it's what not completely dry, but mostly. My vinyl hygiene routines are pretty basic.

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Splice, breathe gently around the stylus area while the disc is playing.

As the record is being played, a microscopic, tiny spark will jump from the record surface to the stylus cantilever as an electrical discharge. .

Nitty Gritty Record Cleaning Machines, available at eBay, view All the Nitty Gritty Record Cleaning Machines, Cleaning Fluids and Nitty Gritty Accessories at the Fox Music Company eBay Store, Feel the Groove! Lightly Spray around the record avoiding the label. . It did not however discharge this static. I can neither hear any difference nor measure any difference in the audio; the treatment just eliminates static from the disk surface. My little "blogalike m Engelsstaub Thanks, Stephan.

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