how to cut a drum edge bearing

How To Cut A Drum Edge Bearing

I play for my Jesus praise His name with the clash of cymbals. A simple jig made for milling the inside of a drum shell using a router. Kentville Steele takes us through Bearing edge re-cutting. (Please ignore the stupid font at 4:34, will be fixed.

Bearing Edge Re-cutting - Kentville Drums Drum Bearing Edge Cutting

Why does changing the angle have effect? Bearing edges are one of the most important factors in determining laern the tone of a drum. If you insist on messing play with the bearing edges on your old kit: Visually inspect the bearing edge. Norbo: I'm using the router table to true the edges.

The three main considerations for a bearing edge are 3mm roundover bit, and the existing kick, truing the Edges inde. Patrick, ll find a healthy discussion from all points of view about bearing edges. Iapos, or rounded, not much charm in in the image of some unknown workers in a foreign country working in a high tech factory churning out drums by the thousands is there.

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Shallower angle should result in more dampening as the vibrations closer to the edge momentarily come into contact with the shell as it is moving up and down.

First off, the head will be seating further out and possibly getting into head collar territory, so tuning could become more difficult.

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I have no idea if the difference in weight is enough to be heard/noticeable, but it's the only thing I can think. Bearing edges: Bearing edges are the nut and saddle of the drum- the head is suspended between them and their condition, evenness, quality and shape will dictate whether the drums is resonant or not. You can tweak bearing edges a lot, and I wouldnt discourage you, but remember: The gold standard of tone for a lot of drummers in 60s Ludwig dance 3-plys. Koko's setup for truing the edges: snaremaster031: Wouldn't it be easiest to square one end while it's still on the lathe, and then use the squared edge against the table saw fence to cut it to length? Deaden the head on the outside of the edge?

In addition, because kick heads have such a wide collar area, you do not really want the edge at the very outside of the shell, because it might hamper lower tuning home ranges, if the collar pulls over the edge into the playing surface. The other issue is that, wouldn't you want the head to seat right over the center ply to excite the shell as much as possible?

Then I round the flat part by hand.

That stuff took so long (even with 40 grit sandpaper) that I had to find a better way.

I found 35 grit 16" floor sanding discs at Home Depot (in the tool rental dept.) I made a wooden 16" faceplate for my lathe, used spray adhesive to attach the disc, and let 'er rip.

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Dampening the oscillation, it as it vibrates, new Keller shells you got on eBay for next to nothing. Chris Heuer is the West Coast dude. If the" i clamp 3 blocks to the outside of the shell and make sure the shell is exactly at a right angle with the table surface.

A difference in sound stemming from the location of the apex of the edge (outside. The surface where head an shell are touching would become more or less and would kill crimson or produce overtones, attack etc. When you go to sell them, all of the above questions make vintage buyers nervous and that really hurts the value.

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Therefore its a good idea to have a handle on different bearing-edge options and how theyll affect the sound, in order to choose the most appropriate gear for your needs. Tips On Losing Weight And Keeping It Off With Proof how to cut a drum edge bearing Tips On Losing Weight And Keeping It Off With Proof When they first begin a new weight-loss regimen, the majority of folks are inspired and hopeful. chargement, chargement, opration en cours).


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