how do i build a cello

How Do I Build A Cello

You dont need to be very exact, but try to make it square in every direction. A softer bow has usually a nicer sound, but if it is too soft it becomes slow an unstable. Aged wood with a straight grain is the best: length /-75cm and thickness 12-15mm. Music on the film is played on two of my previous cellos - one made in 2010 and the other in 2012.

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upon, so that it does not dig into the soft spruce of the front plate. If not, I would be happy to be corrected.

10 easy steps to make your own cello!

I started two cellos at the same time, a Montagnana model and a Stradivarius model. Final edge-work, scraping, preparation for pattern varnish short After the glue was thoroughly dry, I removed all the clamps and began trimming edges, and perfecting the scroll and heel. I very carefully sanded the entire instrument, which took a long time. The Montagnana is quite large. I am only sharing how I.

Of course, i washed off the excess glue with hot water. The heel is to be 30mm wide.

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On top lies a piece of coromandel wood (related to ebony, so just as hard that is meant for the fingerboard.

And begin cutting: Once the scroll is drawn out, I clamp the neck to my workbench and, using a Japanese-style pull-saw, I begin cutting slots nearly to the layout lines of the volute.

The yellow lemonwood is very hard, chips tend to fly off when it is sawed, so very careful.

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Fit a bridge and soundpost, but then extends that contour in a smooth curve down to the corners of the pegbox cheeks.


Building a Cello - The Pegbox - Maestronet Forums

I rotate my position a few degrees, and make another cut. A little more edge-work to do, tomorrow morning, and I can begin the finish work.  ( Yes, I will remember to remove the rest of the mold first! I dont have a photo of the scroll as a simple profile, but I begin with the billet (About 6 x 3 x 20 and trace my template onto it, then use a bandsaw to cut the shape of the profile. And theres the scroll. They split and cracked real bad when I tried to bend them. Some people plot out each scroll with a straight-edge and compass.

In my case, since the mold is collapsible and comes apart in several pieces, it is pretty convenient to get the mold out. So I mark 15mm to each side of the centerline at the heel, and 21mm to each side at the front plate. This is particular the case with exotic woods, the contrast between unfinished and finished can be huge.

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Reyna Thayer

You want all of the single hairs to have the same tension, without crossing each how do i build a cello other. Solid select Maple neck with a fretted Rosewood fingerboard. There are no rules or measurements to follow, just trust your own intuition, you are good and this bow is for you.

Catherin Friday

The bow is probably still too stiff and you want it to become more flexible.

Chana Bratcher

Now we get to the most tricky part: putting on the hair. The cut should be about 2mm deep, not more than that, otherwise you weaken the stick more than necessary. The HT-10 is a double cut-away, arch-top machine that will easily accomodate any how do i build a cello of todays music styles, being limited only by your imagination!

Romeo Prowell

Dont make it wider than necessary. So be careful on how much wood you take off. Next thing is to make the frog red herring fallacy how it applies to critical thinking lower at his backside, and then you can round the it, important is that the highest point of the frog is in front at the square side.

Dortha Woodford

Standard material quality level, perfect for advanced student level violins. Would you like to make your own bow?

Stepanie Stell

A film documenting the making of my current cello (September 2013) using beautiful, old European wood. Liste de vidos visionner, file d'attente _count total chargement, chargement. As with all Saga kits, easy to follow instructions are included.

Peg Venezia

All the materials have been carefully chosen and partially assembled, to make the entire process more simple. If it is not wide enough, make 2 cuts next to each other, or use a knife or a thin (fingernail) file to widen the cut.

Giselle Swearngin

If your hole is not exactly in the middle, you will be able to adjust this later when youre thinning down the bow. 1 cm at the tip and make a second knot big enough not to slide through the hole.

Nelly Cecena

It is wider than higher so that the tip how do i build a cello end does not become too fragile and to add some lateral stability. Make a knot and wind the thread around the hair until it is thick enough so that it cant slide through the 4mm hole in your stick. Cut your stick at 70 cm for a violin or viola bow, about 65 cm for a cello or a bass bow.

Otilia Segraves

Because all of the most difficult procedures have already been done for you, all that's left to do is to choose the color or design, assemble the parts, and you are well on your way to the creation of a masterpiece. Kit includes all parts and instructions to build a complete, playable guitar. What you need is a single hank.

Shaunda Bucy

For the frog any kind of wood how do i build a cello is good.


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