how to apply faux antique finish

How To Apply Faux Antique Finish

Yellow Ochre Glaze, final top coats, two coats of Millstone Milk Paint sanded through. Finishing furniture is an art form - you can create whatever you want. Apply your first color. Step 1 My starting point; as per the rest of the bed the feet were hand painted and distressed.

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Leaf is so thin that it requires special handling.

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How to Give Furniture a Faux Finish Easy Crafts and Homemade

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Paint Technique: Antiquing Furniture Interior Design Styles and How-to faux paint antique distressed furniture video - All

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Brush the curbs leaf into place. Combing uses a comb with teeth of various widths depending on desired effect.

Use the brush to feather the leaf onto the frame. If a particular look or color is important, experimenting is a good idea. 4 of 11, step 3: Apply Undercoat, apply a generous undercoat of one color of paint with a nylon-polyester brush; let dry, conduit about six hours.

Any imperfections that could cause the paint to flake off will only add to the piece's authentic historyas faux as it may. Swipe here for next slide 7 of 11, step 6: Apply Wax, with a paper towel or polishing cloth, apply a thin coat of tinted wax to give the chair a protective coating. Apply a base coat. The more pressure you apply, the more paint will be removed.

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Learn How to Create Faux Finishes Using Water Base Finishes

Cover the insides of the doors and cabinet with primer, using a disposable chip brush and short, erratic strokes. Allow it to sit over night to dry completely before framing your art work. Keep the brush pretty dry; you want the undercoat to peek through to give the interior a clean yet worn appearance.

Paint the frame on all sides except the back with gold sizing. Some effects, such as wood graining, are among some of the most challenging and combine several different techniques including brush work detail. Using a sanding sponge, prepare the chair's surface for the primer by stripping off all the old varnish. Just plan your project so you can use up as much as you mix, because milk paint doesn't keep.

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Using a chip brush, paint the entire exterior with how to apply faux antique finish a light base-coat color in a flat finish. Next, fold a cloth into a pad making sure there are no wrinkles on the bottom side. Let dry 2-4 hours.

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Pour equal parts of White Milk Paint and PolyAcrylic in a flat pan. Wrinkles will leave an undesirable pattern on the surface. Here, decorative painter Ingrid Leess used the technique to add depth and interest to a big blank armoire.


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