how to apply for the border patrol

How To Apply For The Border Patrol

Applicants must have at least 20/100 vision in one eye without corrective lenses; refractive surgical modification may be acceptable if vision is not subject to any surgical distortion aftereffects. Border Patrol Careers, there are certain individuals that may be found to be unsuitable for a position with the. With a greater emphasis on preventing unlawful entry,.S. There are a number of jobs within US Customs and Border Control under the Border Patrol Classification: Border Patrol Agent, air Interdiction Agent, marine Interdiction Agent. As its responsibilities have grown, the.S.

If you dont have law enforcement experience, consider enrolling in a criminal justice or law enforcement bachelors degree program. Should you have any questions about the items outlined in the application, please consult the frequently asked questions. In build this section, before submitting an application, familiarize yourself with the following requirements and important information about the steps you need to take to become a border services officer (BSO). Note that you will be leaving the careers section.

To qualify at the GL-7 level, you must have one year of law enforcement experience comparable in difficulty and responsibility level to GL-5. Treasury Board of Canada. I always tell people that the Border Patrol is full of opportunities that will suit a variety of interests. Other medical and physical requirements, to qualify for the GL-5 level (border patrol agent trainee you must have experience (either paid or voluntary) that demonstrates an ability to make decisions and maintain composure in potentially dangerous situations. Click the quick links on the right to learn more about the Border Patrol career. Border patrol agents is to keep terrorists and undocumented aliens from entering the United States, and to apprehend those who have illegally entered the country. The salaries of cbsa officer trainees and BSOs are set in a collective agreement, which is available from the. Once you have successfully completed all the above steps, you are eligible to be appointed as a border services officer.

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How do I apply to be.S How To Apply Border Patrol Jobs

The top priority.S. You must pass the CBP Border Patrol lose entrance exam (see below). Border Patrol Agent Education, if you dont have the required experience for GL-5, mold you can still become a border patrol agent with the right education.

 It not only offers me the opportunity to protect America's borders, but also offers me the opportunity to pursue my personal passions and interests. Personal decision point on mobility. Cbsa College in Rigaud, Qubec, are bound by these codes and the policy. If the answer to your question is not found in the FAQs, contact the. National long-term projections of employment growth may not reflect local and/or short-term economic or job conditions, and do not guarantee actual job growth.

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Artificial Language Exam, one return trip from your home to the college and offers a stipend of 125 per week for minor personal expenses.

You may want to consider a masters degree in criminal justice. Why Agents Love Their Jobs, border Patrol Agent Wray "I love my job as a Border Patrol Agent with CBP. No one ever stands alone and we can always depend on the support of our fellow agents when times are tough either personally or professionally. All individuals interested in applying to the cbsas Officer Trainee Developmental Program must read and understand the requirements of the position as outlined on the job advertisement.

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Santa Roy

Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske, Customs and Border Protection (CBP photo) CBP Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske told.

Bobby Speidel

Border Patrol has adopted new tools, technologies and jobs to stop and capture illegal intruders.

Chana Bratcher

Only about 5 percent of the border patrols 21,000 agents are women. The women border patrol agents that I have met with have made it very clear that they became border patrol agents by going through all of the same process and by achieving not only academically but physically the same levels as their male counterparts, Kerlikowske.

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But with more and more women trying to cross the Mexican border, CBP officials think having more women agents could help.

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Applicants must be capable of strenuous physical activity. Kerlikowske pointed to research that shows women in law enforcement not only perform just as well as men but actually do a better job than men in some areas.

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They do exactly the same jobs as the male border patrol agents, so the hiring process, the screening, the selection, the training is all very how to apply for the border patrol much the same, he said.

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The Border Patrol Pay Reform Act has been passed, and it will make a significant difference in stabilizing the pay for our border patrol agents, he said. Women do a great job at that. Applicants must possess a valid drivers license.


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