how do i recover my aol favorites

How Do I Recover My Aol Favorites

After trying the first solution, check whether you can view your Favorite Places on the AOL service. Select the "Import and Export" option from the dropdown menu. Please Sign on to the AOL software, then go to AOL Keyword: Favorite Places Preferences. My Favorite Places on the AOL Desktop.

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Restore "favorites" in AOL ver.7 - Forum Feedback Downloaded new version of AOL

Ensure that the Only store my Favorite Places on my computer option is NOT selected.

Step, click "Finish" to import your Favorites.

Lost my favorites list AOL Desktop Software: Using and Managing Your Favorite

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Click "Next which will route you to the screen called "Export Favorites Source." If using Internet cooler Explorer 8, click on "Export from a file" in the "Import/Export paint Settings" dialog box and click "Next.". To create a copy from a server: Once you have created a copy of your Favorites, youll furniture be able to restore them. After uninstalling the AOL Desktop Software, your Personal Filing Cabinet (PFC) files will be automatically stored on the desktop in a folder named AOL Saved PFC. In the Search programs and files or Start Search box, type 'system' and then click AOL System Information. Clear AOL Artwork Database.

Another possibility is that AOL may charge for tech help via phone but they may also provide free tech support if the request is done via the slower e-mail process.

Step, click on "Next" again if you accept the default import option, which is to import from "m." If you put the exported Favorites into a file under another name, click on the "Browse" button and select the desired file.

Step, click on the "Add to Favorites" button on the Explorer toolbar if using Internet Explorer.

Step, select the "Export Favorites" option in the "Choose an action to perform" section if using Internet Explorer.

Click Manage and select Replace My Favorite Places with Favorites File.

I deleted all my Favorite places on aol

How can I get them

If your AOL Desktop Favorites still arent synching, consider dragging your favorites from the local copy youve created. Ask Dustin Your Own Question, dustin, Computer Support Specialist, category: Computer. Determine if Only store my Favorite Places on my computer Is Checked. You probably will want to recover your Favorites in the new account instead of bookmarking them all over again. The User Account Control window will then appear. If the Only store my Favorite Places on my computer option is selected, it can keep your Favorite Places from updating and refreshing.

Some do some don't. Note: If you are unable to open AOL System Information, check out our help article Open Data Folder to find out how to manually open the Data Folder. This will launch the "Import/Export Wizard". If you are using Internet Explorer 8, click on the "Favorites" button and then click on the arrow next to "Add to Favorites." Then click "Import and Export.".

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It can help resolve issues that you may have with AOL Desktop without having to reinstall the software. Hi, Thankyou for choosing how do i recover my aol favorites Just Answer.

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File and selecting, open.

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For instructions on how to upgrade, please read our help article.

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From the AOL Desktop, Click Favorites or go to Keyword: Favorites. Note: If you have stored local copies of your Favorites on your device, you may use the latest copy to restore your Favorites. Create a copy of the file and rename the copy.

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When you upgrade to a newer how do i recover my aol favorites version of the AOL Desktop Software, your existing data (such as your Usernames, Personal Filing Cabinet, Favorite Places, software settings and AOL downloads) from the last used copy of AOL Desktop is copied over to the newer version. For instructions to restart your computer, refer to our help article Restart the computer. Accept button if this Answer resolves the issue, that is how I will be paid for my time and work.

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To restore your AOL Desktop Favorites, you first need to create how do i recover my aol favorites a copy of your favorites. Please click the link corresponding to the version of ACS installed on your computer for instructions on how to run Quick Restore. If using Windows XP, click the Start button then click Search.

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I imagine we shall have to await the return of the O/P to see what if any assistance my link was able to provide. If the issue persists, continue trying the suggested solutions until the problem is fixed.

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While i do concede the O/P may have been using a version of AOL that DID permit this function and that perhaps it is still retained in whatever version was recently installed. Verify "Only store my Favorite Places on my computer" is unchecked To verify whether the Only store my Favorite Places on my computer option is unchecked: Click the Keyword menu and click Go to Keyword. To create a local copy: important: If the AOL System Information window doesn't appear, check the Windows taskbar for a flashing tab.

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Satisfied Customers: 13073, experience: I speak PC fluently, so you dont have to! Double-click the organize folder. This will launch the "Import and Export" wizard.


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