how do i make a knitting loom

How Do I Make A Knitting Loom

The others are for review. A real cast off looks way better though, and even my library kids preferred the real cast off to the sewn loops, even though it might be the hardest part of this process. We worked a few bits out for ourselves and changed some of the basic design. Grab the bottom row (should be a bit curled up) place a loop on each peg. After 2 or 3 rows you can release the working yarn from the anchor peg.

Step meter 5: Loom Hook. 2 x 90mm long M6 stove bolts and wing-nuts. We had 12 knitters create with us that day, some girls checked out looms and hooks and others kept their work at the library so they could return to network work on it throughout the month. The routed 5mm groove took a bit longer due to the need for 2 passes per rail to stop the bit from burning the wood, 15min and all was done. Terrific things like infinity scarves.

How to cast on stitches on a rectangular loom How to knit crossed stockinette stitch with a rectangular loom How to bind off. Learn how to make your own infinity scarf here. For more information and materials, more video tutorials here, drill press is a must for the vertical peg holes.

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Making your own loom - Loom Knitting Help Make Your Own Circular Knitting Loom or Knitter

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How To Create a Handmade Cardboard Knitting Loom - DIY Crafts

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I started by scoring the dowels with a makeshift jig to have a suitable guide for the hacksaw blade. This also make the hook more grippy which is perfect for young knitters!

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I used: 2 x 20mm x 406mm (16inch) lengths of pine that I jig sawed out of a pallet plank. You can decorate it as I did with a rope of clay or clay balls in a contrasting color. (Have you tried to make your own?


I'm using 13mm x 19mm meranti and 5mm oak sliders to fit the 5mm routed groove. I am a big fan of making tools to craft with and making a knitting loom with a bucket is just awesome! Tagged: how to make a knifty knitter hook, how to make a knitting hook, knitting loom, replacement hook for knifty knitter). 2 small spacer blocks 20mm x 20mm long.

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Ngan Schalk

I recommend that you start by watching the video from start to finish before even gathering your supplies. Make sure the peg holes are lined up and that the warp threads go from front to back evenly.

Cornelia Bauman

Sand all pieces to avoid snags on yarn. Knifty Knitter representative had taught me the first two basic steps needed to loom a hat.

Eduardo Mancini

Note on Supplies: The Loom: Check out the Loom Size Chart below to make sure you start with the correct loom. So when you cast on, you wrap a second round of loops until there are two loops per stick.

Charlette Cheatam

Since I had a camera and was how do i make a knitting loom starting a new project, I figured Id make my own tutorial if anyone else wanted to learn the easier way to knit. I figured I might as well really show you how I do this kind of knitting since I couldnt find a comprehensive tutorial while prepping for my library program. I had a kit that came with a plastic loom and a crochet hook, I learned to make things on it, and I thought it was so cool!

Cornelia Bauman

I buy my needle separately because I prefer the. A good rule to follow when working with 2 strands, knit 4 rows for every 1 inch of length. Now grab your string thats attached to the ball of yarn and put it in between prongs 1 and.


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