how to apply under eye cream

How To Apply Under Eye Cream

So you dont necessarily need to take that treatment or that eye cream and get right up to the lash line. Be sure to use your ring finger to apply it (its your weakest finger so you wont pull too hard) and after making the dots, gently pat them. Nathan Rivas: And that whole reason why you really cant treat those with topical products is because that type of - really what youre seeing there beneath the skin is that you have thinner skin around the eye area. Have a skin care concern? What is the best way to apply moisturizers and other treatments to the eye area?

Click Here to join our community. Most eye products seem to be just very expensive silicone; look at the price per pound/ kilo and compare to the the best cuts of beef or high end seafood.

In fact, too much eye cream can cause puffy eyes the next airplanes day. If you have begun showing the signs of aging around your eyes, then an eye cream will help. You can end up with puffy eyes the next morning if you apply too much.

3 Ways to Apply Eye Cream - wikiHow

Find one that you like and works for you.

The tighter and firmer your skin, the less important the direction.

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How to apply eye cream, sunscreen and moisturizer the How to Apply Eye Cream (Correctly!

It is quite thick, rich, and a tad sticky (which I like because it minimizes water loss). There are many eye creams that dont do that and only provide moisture. So what eye cream do you use and how thick is the skin on your eyelids? Take a small amount of cream (a rice kernel-sized amount should be enough preferably using a spatula to scoop it up from a jar. Eye creams are expensive, and theyre almost always priced higher than face moisturizers on a per ounce basis.

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Remember, sensitivity, it doesnt matter what you use as long as the product doesnt let your skin get dry. Waiting will allow your foundation to spread evenly and not smear.

How-To Properly Apply Eye Cream

How to apply eye cream

If you dont have one, you can improvise with a popsicle stick or Q-tip. Christiekolis83, new Member, joined:, posts:. I've noticed that some descriptions tell you to just "apply to lower eye area" but others explicitly note to "NOT apply on upper lids".does applying it on the upper lids somehow cause them more harm than good? The idea is to press cream into skin. The important thing is to have a product whether it is an eye cream or face moisturizer that is hydrating and emollient.

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So while it is important to keep the area protected, if you do have a problem with makeup running, try avoiding eye cream during the day or using a very lightweight eye cream (or even an eye gel and making sure to not apply. But when it comes to applying it both morning and evening, it really comes down to personal preference. 00:04:52, and that can help.

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Heres the deal eye cream warms up with your body temperature and travels as it seeps into your skin. 00:00:40, bryan Barron: Also, keep in mind that whatever youre applying around the eye, particularly if youre doing so at night, you only need to go up to about the bony ridge, whats called the orbital bone area where I have my finger tapping.


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