how to build a gun silencer

How To Build A Gun Silencer

45ACP bullet diameter.451 so use a 1/2" (.500 drill bit. Note: This will not work too good on a springer, but will still look cool. AK-47 uses M14x1LH (left hand) and needs a 13mm drill bit. I used a 5/8x24 threads per inch (tpi) tap to match the thread on my 300 Blackout barrel. Such household items do have the tendency to reduce noise but they dont provide that level of high quality and are likely to mess with the accuracy of your shot, along with causing serious damage to the gun, yourself, or to the people around you.

According to him, the ATF says solvent traps are perfectly legal, but when you start building baffles, you enter an area that could get you in trouble. Buy this Maglite threaded adapter click here. Pressing a cone or ball bearing in them opens the hole up to about house 3/16. Warning, only fire remover your silencer at paying a gun range or other approved location.

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(See video below) Youve been warned. Another note: i know that my silencer on my gun looks pretty retarded, but i got bored one day and decided to make it a rifle(im gonna add a extendable, foldable, stock, hey, another 'ible lol). Follow the guidelines and local laws regarding the use of a silencer on a rifle. Make a mark with the grease pencil. Of course, they wont do you much good without thewell, we will get to the inner workings soon. Step 2: Prepare the Silencer, now you need to cut off the back and the front off the silencer.

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Thats right folks, complete threaded tube kits are now available. . Once you have the right threaded adapter, the rest rain is probably within the grasp of the average mans tools and abilities. Disclaimer Second Amendment Check, LLC does not recommend breaking the law, and will not be held liable for danny any injury, damages, or legal trouble individuals may find themselves.

These things are about as close to the real thing as you can get. .

Fill the cut half with wadded up strips of toilet paper.

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MagLite Cups (AKA Baffles) C Cell 8 Pack 10 Freeze plugs that fit maglite D work cell body. Of course farm you will need a Maglite and an adapter, aluminum 6061-T6 Tube with End Cap Adapter Kit 9 D Cell.

Now drill six straight lines of ten holes along the pipe with the smallest drill bit possible. Twist the blade of the utility knife around the inside of the hole.

Fit the two pipes together and fill the area between the two with about 20 cotton balls.

From top to bottom, in order of how much work is left to be done: MagLite Cups (AKA Baffles) D Cell 8 Pack.

Cut the larger pipe so that it is slightly shorter than the smaller pipe.

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Intent may not even be required, if you have these parts build assembled together, or even in close proximity, you run the risk of being accused of having a suppressor without a tax stamp. . Repeat this procedure with all of the marks drawn on the water bottle. Place the bottom of the water bottle on the top of the cut half of the soda bottle. We recommend you spend a few minutes researching the threading and materials and looking up some reviews on m or elsewhere prior to spending money. .

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This size suppressor is what I recommend for all calibers except.22.17. Bullet Diameters in Inches and MM Cartridge Diameter Inch MM Other Cartridges With Same Bullet.22LR. I know it's called.56 but it's not.243 6mm.243.17 25-20 257 Roberts.257.53.5 Grendel.264.7.5 Carcano,.5 Japanese, 264 Win Mag 270 Win.277.04.

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Take a pair of scissors and cut off the neck and bottom of the 16-ounce empty water bottle. Start the bullet path hole with a normal how to change the color of a windows form menu control length drill bit for more precision then switch to a long bit when needed.

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Here's a short high quality stereo.mp3 sound file I made of a suppressed 300 Blackout shot where you can hear the muzzle blast, bullet whizzing by and the target impact.


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