how do i file share karaoke cdgs

How Do I File Share Karaoke Cdgs

Cannot remember a single movie. Thanks for the happy stroll down memory lane! Wednesday, April 28, 2010 4:14. In the water all the while jumping sideways, back and forth between offices.

My candle e-mail address is NO junk mail please. His medical hat and "red rug" were knocked off from the fall. I actually won a swags 25 savings bond by drawing a character from Lake Winnepesaka called.W.

I enjoy the site. In fact, I remember the movie where the native girl lost her top. Shock and Dingbat every weekend. Shock memories Hi Phil, Since we just lost Tom Reynolds, I thought I would share some of my memories. Greg Whitehead - Jan 23, 2008 06:15:07 PM That is so sad to hear. The drummer and I have been emailing back and forth and I mentioned. It was hard to miss that if you knew him.

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I just wish Tommy had gotten the recognition he so richly deserved.

I'd wondered whatever happened.

One night I was at work with my Mom and Tommy came in to replenish his makeup dealership supply and I was just in complete awe! What a great memory one of the few events I remember from my childhood going to my grandparents and watching Shock Theater on their 10 channel cable service. They even busted on Tennessee Temple, a local fundamentalist Baptist name college, and its founder Lee Roberson. Shock's ole skull cane for that one! Shock and Dingbat engaged each other in humorous and foolish with repertoire, often about Nurse Goodbody.

The baby boomers among us usually could care less what the movie was. Nice to know my cousins and i aren't they only one who remembers. I've spent an hour attempting to post a message with the addy of my Dr Shock tribute website, but it keeps being kicked out. Shock Thursday, August 28, 2008 12:44 PM From: "J Oliver" Hey Phil, I grew up in Cleveland during the 70's and watched every Saturday night until it went off the air and then waited, hoping it would someday come back.

The mystery puppets are Minnie Squirrel (the one whispering in Dan East's ear the rabbit is GPS football team coach Willie Jack Rabbit, the dog is Roger Mutt the news hound. I talked to you several times. Skip Ayers Date: Fri, 20:26:48 -0600 From: "Greg and Ginger Keeling" Subject: Email from m/dr_shock Great work putting this stuff together! Shock web site for quite some time.

Shock chased all of us around the room. Shock and Dingbat were the stars and probably the only things worth remembering anyway. From: "Bob Rothwell" Date: Wed, 12:00:44 -0400 Subject: Re: Email from m/dr_shock Hi Phil, I'm from Decatur. Item: shock theater,.

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Yes, fu" i lived in Rome Ga and we got it every Saturday night. It was such a thrill to set up on Saturday Night and watch.

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I worked for wdef when Tommy and Dan did "Dr. I remember the banana man well, his act was always the same, I wonder if it was a video they made and showed over and over. Lea: It is my understanding that the Dingbat puppet was in the possession of the original puppeteer (now deceased) when it was destroyed in a house fire. Phil Lea Phil Lea - Jan 24, 2008 10:35:51 PM I met Dr Shock at Zayres many many years ago And how I hated the opening of the show when a woman would give off a blood curdling scream I still get chills thinking.

I figured I was the only person that cared. Duane Ellis Dobbins Fire and Emergency Services 94 MSG/CEF Email from m/dr_shock Sunday, September 27, 2009 9:46 AM From: "Thomas Swafford" Dear Sir, I am the editor of the newsletter for the Chattanooga Old Time Radio Club. Also knew Dan East and the infamous Horrible Holiday Hills Hargis! I was hoping that you would have any video of Shock Theater or could send me any kind of pictures.

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Joe Howlett

The web page address is tml Like I said, there's probably nothing to it, but I thought I'd pass it along, just in case. He was a mule of similar size and how do i file share karaoke cdgs look to dingbat.

Alayna Menter

I fell in the floor laughing so hard. I watched every week and have always felt a loss since it went off the air.

Joe Howlett

I got to tell a joke and was rewarded with a box of Moon Pies.


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